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After hearing the news clearly, the elder jumped up and roared, "The other party actually split up and went all the way to the ancestral home-Taofu, Chonghai Town?"

"What? Zudi! "
The elder’s words instantly shocked the whole parliament hall.
"Elder Li, have you confirmed this news?"
After the elder nodded, the scene suddenly became quiet.
"It’s simply deceiving others!"
"This is an absolute provocation to our family, even if the other side is stronger than us, then even if we fight to the last person, we must never compromise!"
"You must never endure the war again!"
"That’s right!"
"Seconded war!"
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Chapter ninety Taboo
Oh, sure enough, people are lazy, and the body seems to have a feeling of not wanting to move the code word, hehe
At this moment, even if it was previously able to keep calm before, several elders decided to fight instantly. It is conceivable how exciting this news is for them!
"In this case, then fight!"
Seeing the surging crowd, I took a deep breath and nodded mercilessly. If I endure it again, the hearts of the whole spiny dolphin people will be scattered.
No race can sit back and watch their ancestral land-that is, the creation of their ancestors-be insulted, which is definitely more infuriating than digging graves.
These race, born with that blood, the road and the will of the ancestors, have a childlike affection for the ancestor who created them, which is an emotion that cannot be obliterated.
Therefore, once a race is provoked, it is absolutely impossible for any ethnic group to exercise restraint because …
This is the greatest trampling and insult to the glory of the race. Once you endure this provocation, you will really lose the essence and pillar of this race, and the racial spirit will officially perish!
"But we can’t shoot rashly." The elder pricked Lifeng thoughtfully. "Aren’t there some elite geniuses in our family who are studying in the North Ring Holy Land? At any rate, my family has something to do with the holy land. Let’s see if we can provoke the holy land to interfere! "
"Holy land? !”
The patriarch and many old people felt that when some complicated things didn’t come, they felt that their spiny dolphin roots didn’t depend on others’ breathing. Therefore, when the holy land was established, they just sent a few people who were not valued. Now they can’t help but regret that they want to ask the holy land to interfere.
"Well, in that case, let the people in the holy land explore the attitude of the holy land."
Thorn can’t help sighing in his heart. "Wait, Elder, you’d better go to the treasury to prepare some gifts and go there yourself!"
"It’s the patriarch!"
No matter what, you should always work hard, shouldn’t you
At this time, the Spinibarbus clan is facing a frontal charge from this scale alliance and making a war resolution. At this time, their own ancestor Liu Lan is also having a hard time.
The first heavenly fiend may not have a high ability to calculate the secret, but it is also very sensitive
It can be said that it is almost impossible for someone to deliberately target a certain celestial fiend, even if he is not good at calculating the secret, but it is almost impossible to be calculated by people. This is because the first celestial fiend’s Shinto-Tao combination is a powerful ability
Therefore, in the scale alliance army heading for their own Dojo, the flow haze will wake up directly.
On second flow haze is great anger in my heart. What is this?
It is absolutely unforgivable that someone has the courage to come to his Dojo and its purpose is not so simple!
Don’t blame Liu Lan for his lack of self-cultivation. You should know that every celestial fiend is sincerely fond of his own Dojo. Almost all of them regard his own Dojo as a taboo, and absolutely forbid others to have any ideas about it.
Therefore, even a bad monk will never move others’ Dojo, which has become a hidden rule, a hidden rule in the hearts of all the first gods.
It can be said that whoever wants to challenge this article, the biggest bottom line that all the first gods follow will be spurned by the whole universe.
Even one’s own enemies would not do such a thing.
After all, who didn’t go out, what if one day he came back from the Dojo and saw that he had turned into rubble?
Do to others what you don’t want them to do to you!
If you want others not to move their own Dojo, you can naturally abide by this bottom line!
But now, the heavenly fiend didn’t dare to do anything first, but now they can’t make Liu Lan feel angry?
Eyes visual virtual will I don’t know how far away, the army of monks to see clearly.
Even Liu Lan has to admit that this army is really an elite army with less than one million people, and there are tens of thousands of Jin Xian in it.
Don’t look at it now. It seems that Jin Xian is very cheap. It seems that a lot of samples are caught. Now it seems that the wild world has entered the era when Jin Xian is not as good as dogs.
You know, the vast expanse is a reincarnation that has gone through several cosmic eras. Behind the scenes of the avenue, it is far from being guided to have a more perfect monastic body.
Nowadays, there are only a few monastic realms in the wild, and each of them is of great significance.
And Jin Xian is one of the very special cards, stuck in this monk in the middle of nowhere!
If fuzzy generalization is made, it means that there is only one Jin Xian per 100,000 immortals!
It can be said that it is more difficult to break through Jinxian’s realm than Jinxian’s breakthrough in Taiyi.
Because of the flood, Jin Xian has been able to initially condense immortal materials!
What you lose must be gained. Compared with other worlds, Jin Xian in the wild world is very precious and naturally has its advantages.
In the eyes of Chaos Avenue, there is a breakthrough in Jin Xian, which can be regarded as a real monk. Each of these Jin Xian monks has a small hope of hitting the peak in the future.