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There is another dagger in Fengzhu’s hand. If someone shoots at Xu Lihao again, she will not stand by and watch. After all, Xu Lihao is Xu Zhongyong’s friend.

However, Yan Xue, who didn’t wait for Xiao Jin to shoot the arrow and be protected by Xu Lihao behind him, immediately came out from behind him and came to Xu Lihao for protection.
Xiao Jin’s pupil shrank and then he coughed at the horse’s heart, and an unstable center of gravity fell off the horse with Yan Yue. He took Yan Yueshi in his arms and made himself a meat pad.
Yan Yue climbed out of Xiao Jin’s arms in a hurry to give him a smooth ride. "Is Brother Jin uncomfortable again? Abortion is here. Sister Jin is spitting red water again. She wants to find medicine for her brother Jin. "At the age of five, she knows that she is nervous and knows what to do. It can be seen that this situation is very common for Xiao Jin to make Yan Yue remember.
Because Yan Yue can’t help but be fascinated by people every move and word, no one dares to look at her except Xiao Jin and Yan Xue who dare to get close to her.
There are still many soldiers here who set up a small Yan array immediately after seeing Yan Yue. All the affected people arrived at the array. Xu Lihao and Xu Zhongyong came to the strategist. Although they were also affected, they were able to restrain themselves from entering the array.
Yan Xue looked at Xiao Jin who coughed a little and finally decided to go and have a look, but as soon as she took a step, she was stopped by Xu Lihao.
Not to mention that Xu Lihao and Yan Xue came here to confront each other on horseback. Xu Zhongyong saw Xiao Jin drop his horse but ignored it. Instead, he ran to Feng Zhu and asked her, "Are you injured?"
Fengzhu shook his head and glanced at Xiao Jin and asked, "Who is he?" Xu Zhongyong himself carefully looked at the phoenix bamboo again to make sure it was not injured, so he was in the mood to reply "Da Cang Guo Jin Wang Xiaojin"
Xu Lihao finally let Yan Xue pass. He came to Xu Zhongyong and asked, "How did the general let him in?"
"He said that he knew that Yandao had crossed Yandao for this purpose and could help us save the border soldiers." The military adviser answered Xu Li Hao’s question instead of Xu Zhongyong.
He added, "Even if he doesn’t help us save the border soldiers, let him in. Don’t forget that the royal Yandao suffered the most from these activities. If Xiao Jin just said before the battle, he shouldn’t say that these soldiers can stand it."
Fighting in the battlefield to defend the country was finally calculated. If the truth comes out, does the strategist really doubt that the dome country can still be settled?
"So what now? Where are these two going to be placed? Owl Jin’s identity is that Yan Yue can’t enter the military camp, not to mention that it is purely a scourge. "Xu Lihao looked at Yan Xue and lifted Owl Jin up. Looking at her expression, there was always a little cut, which always felt uncomfortable.
Xu Zhongyong wanted to think and said, "Arrange them at the edge of the general office, and the military adviser will temporarily replace them." Xu Zhongyong took a group of people to the city.
The frontier fortress is divided into the outer city and the outer city. The outer city is stationed by troops, and the city has the same strong wall as the outer city. If the border people live in it, the army will return to the city to defend it.
Xu Zhongyong has been in the military camp since he returned to the border, but he has not been back to the general’s office, even when he was a general a year ago. He rarely goes back to the general’s office, except for going to the city to do business, he will stay in the general’s office for one night, and all the time he is in the military camp.
Now that the general office is occupied by the dragon and complete, Xu Zhongyong did not even think about the general office. At this time, Xiao Jin and Yan Yue were placed in the general office.
Fengzhu and Xu Zhongyong left Xu Lihao on a horse and rode to Yan Xue. They scooped her up and rode away, while watching Xu Lihao leave with Yan Xue. There was a strange cold light in Xiao Jin’s eyes, and no one saw it.
Yan Yue shook Xiao Jin’s hand and shouted happily, "Brother Jin, go after your sister and have fun. You have sugar to eat."
Yan Yue is still playing games, clapping his hands and urging Xiao Jin Xiao Jin to take Yan Yue to the horse and say, "Don’t touch it, or we won’t be able to catch up with our sister if we don’t run fast." Yan Yue obediently nodded and laughed happily after the horse ran.
Looking back at Yan Yue in Xu Zhongyong’s arms, Feng Zhu couldn’t help mumbling, "I am worried because of ignorance, and sometimes I really envy those who are mentally incompetent."
Xu Zhongyong is said "what to envy her? Don’t you feel sad that you don’t know anything? I don’t know the taste of love, I don’t know how much burden I bring to others, and I don’t know how to fight back when others bully me. What is there to envy in this life? "
"If you are really stupid, how can you care if you say those things? Isn’t it nice to forget to live in your own world in an instant?" She just envies a simple and ordinary life, but there are many things in the world that are involuntary. The simplest is the hardest to find.
Xu Zhongyong raised Fengzhuba with one hand and kissed her lips. "I know what you mean. I will accompany you whatever you want when these things are solved."
Feng Zhu hooked his lips and said, "By the way, Xu Zhi is in the barracks. Do you want to take him to the city?" The little guy is playing crazy in the military camp, because he is a general, and others hold him when they see him. If he wants to play, there are a lot of people with him. If she wants to meet the little guy, she will have to look all over the military camp!
"Let him be in the barracks, where so many people accompany him and forget about us." Although Xu Zhongyong said so, he was still satisfied that Xu Zhi could integrate into the barracks life and just put him in the barracks for experience.
Everyone is on their way to the city, but they hear a horseshoe coming in front of them and then they shout, "I can’t help it. What if you don’t let me hug your horse so fast? You are a big man who is afraid that I will hug you!"
The first volume 89 Yan Yue kills people
Feng Zhu sat in Xu Zhongyong’s arms and heard this call and the sentence’ I can’t help it’ with a smile in his eyes. "It seems that Zhang Wu has solved things in Fengxian."
When they went to see it again, there were two horses in a dozen generals, one was Zhang Wu, a gay man in black, and the other was a general with Feng County magistrate A Chong Zhang Wu, a gay man sitting in a horse, yelling at Zha Zha, or being bored with the man’s hand reaching back and directly carrying Zhang Wu into his arms.
Phoenix bamboo saw Zhang Wu being carried in a different place, and his face turned white. The whole person ignored the image and drilled into the man’s arms.
They saw Zhang Wu’s humiliations, and Xu Lihao said, "This little girl won’t have broken sleeves. Well, how do you feel compared with the man behind him?" The man behind Zhang Wu is definitely not a simple person, but he is weaker in Chinese than the magistrate’s adult, just like being robbed to be a lady in a walled village.
It’s unbearable to be tortured by Zhang Wu. The man with a black face shouted "Sit tight"
There is another horse, A Chong, who speaks for the magistrate’s adult. "This adult magistrate’s adult clothes can’t be carried. Every time I carry an adult, I will carry him into a white-cut chicken."
"You just carried the adult from behind the horse to the front of the horse. If the clothes are broken, the adult will definitely be thrown off the horse so quickly. The magistrate’s adult must not break his leg. What should I do if you treat our magistrate’s adult with cowardice?"
I was scared back to my soul and screamed, "Chong, why can’t you ride a horse? If you could ride a horse, I wouldn’t have suffered so much along the way!"
Achongnai said, "My Lord, it’s not that I can’t ride a horse. I can’t ride a fast horse so fast. If I take you again, we will both break our legs."
Looking at Zhang Wu’s nose and tears, Xu Zhongyong and Fengzhu really want to say that it’s a shame not to know him. How dare a big man cry in front of so many people? Feng Zhu asked Xu Zhongyong, "Can we pretend not to know them and leave?"
They stopped when they saw people coming, and now the horses are galloping past both sides, and they may not be able to see each other clearly.
Xu Zhong saw that Achong had seen them and opened his mouth to shout "It’s late!" " As soon as his words fell, Ah Chong’s voice came up. "Your honor is Xu Zhongyong, the executioner of our county. No, it’s General Xu. General Xu is coming."
Like a withered flower, Zhang Wu finally turned his head and looked at Xu Zhongyong and Fengzhu. Then his magic sound came up. "Brother Xu and Sister Xu help! If you appear later, you will probably meet me."