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She blames herself for being wrong about Meng Qi, but she is not afraid just like this. She didn’t know before, but now she knows, of course she will make up with her Meng Qige.

However, she may never be able to say that sentence to Meng Qi. Also means that she will lose him forever.
I learned from the old man Cheng that Meng Qi was in a dilemma between life and death, and maybe I will receive the bad news of Meng Qi’s death in Mo one day. She couldn’t hold on any longer, and even dared not stay with the old man Cheng.
Like an ostrich, she returned to the place where she once lived with Meng Qi, this medicine garden. She carefully takes care of this medicine garden every day, and then practices hard. The rest didn’t dare to think about it. She just told herself that Meng Qige would be fine, and she just needed to help him take care of this small home.
Then practice hard, and when Meng Qige comes back and sees this, he will touch his head with his chin as before. With a sigh, "Xianer is really getting better and better."
Although I told myself this, every night, Hu Xianer still couldn’t help crying. Can’t suppress the fear in my heart.
Day after day, month after month. Meng Qi still didn’t get any news. The fear in Hu Xianer’s heart is getting stronger and stronger. Almost every night, I shed tears until I am exhausted.
Once the day is empty, it is the dribs and drabs of memories and Meng Qi.
But, suddenly, Hu Xianer felt that he was back. This is a kind of unclear feeling. At the moment Meng Qi entered the medicine garden, she really felt it. She didn’t believe it, but she expected it, and she was even more afraid. She was afraid that it was her illusion.
However, when Meng Qi came to the door to look at her, Hu Xianer finally decided that Meng Qi was back.
At that moment, Hu Xianer just wanted to rush up and embrace Meng Qi and marry him into his own body. And then never part again. However, after a while, she found that Meng Qi did not come in immediately, but looked at herself silently outside.
She felt something was wrong. Meng Qi used to come in directly, but now she is wandering outside. Don’t, Meng Qige hate yourself? ! !
For an instant, the cold feeling enveloped Hu Xianer. It suddenly occurred to her that she, herself, had said something like that that night. Does Meng Qige hate himself?
Finally, she couldn’t help but open her eyes and saw the person she missed day and night. He seems a little different from the past, especially the expression on his face, which is so stiff. Then, Hu Xianer watched Meng Qi climb onto the table. Don’t talk, don’t even look at yourself.
Tears slowly gathered in my eyes, and my breathing slowly became convulsive. Finally, Hu Xianer couldn’t help crying.
Soon after Hu Xianer cried, she heard Meng Qi’s sigh. The same gentle tone as before. Long-lost voice, Hu Xianer looked up and saw Meng Qi’s eyes full of love and pity. She finally couldn’t help jumping on Meng Qi and crying loudly.
Stay Hu Xianer stopped crying, Meng Qicai and she will be close to the body to loosen some. But Hu Xianer seems to want to cling to Meng Qi. Therefore, Meng Qi can’t let Hu Xianer depend on himself.
"Brother Qi, (er, I can’t stand being so disgusting) will you blame me for treating you like that?" Hu Xianer, who is close to Meng Qi, finally felt the feeling that she had not seen for a long time, but she was a little bitter about her previous attitude towards Meng Qi.
Meng Qi shook his head and sighed lightly: "Silly girl, it’s my fault. How can I blame you for making you suffer a lot, as long as you still recognize me as a brother? "
After listening to Meng Qi’s words, Hu Xianer seemed to have taken a reassurance, and said in his heart, "Brother Qi, I will never leave you again." Then he remembered something and said, "If you ignore me like you did three years ago, I will, I will …"
Originally, Hu Xianer was going to say that she would never talk to Meng Qi again, but when the words came to her mouth, she felt something was wrong. Then Meng Qi heard here and looked at her with a slight smile.
Hu Xianer looked at Meng Qi’s smile and suddenly said mercilessly, "I will die for you! Hey! " After that, I looked at Meng Qi as if I had won the battle.
Meng Qi heard her say this, but also slightly one leng. Then smiled and shook his head.
Chapter 45 XianEr mind
After Meng Qi and Hu Xianer solved the misunderstanding, they lived happily ever after …
Well, it’s impossible. In fact, after clearing up the misunderstanding, they still don’t stay together every day as before. Hu Xianer will practice in Fang Ling Ling’s yard every day, and Meng Qi will also go to the old man’s abode of fairies and immortals to continue his cramming training.
Fortunately, it is much easier than before, and Meng Qi is slightly adapted. So on the whole, it is relatively easy.
But every night, the two will still go back to the medicine garden and talk together. And then stay together quietly. Then repeat this life day after day.
However, unlike before, Meng Qi got a dharma tactic cultivated in front of him from the dragon remnant thoughts after absorbing the blood of the real dragon. The name is very common and it is called "Dragon Tactics".
Although the name seems to be mainland goods, this method is not simple. First of all, he asked practitioners to contain a certain degree of true dragon blood, because this illegal tactic is based on the true dragon blood in the practitioner’s body, and to experience the ability of the true dragon from its own blood.
You should know that the ancient dragons never disdained to use any dharma, and when they raised their hands and cast their feet, they naturally followed the wind and cloud, and their power was born. Why use the so-called dharma formula? Even if it is used, it is divorced from the mundane rules of heaven and earth.
And although this "Dragon Tactics" can’t make users have the great power of the former. But you can experience the peerless power of the real dragon contained in your own blood and feel the laws of heaven and earth. So according to their own understanding and qualifications. Create the most suitable method for yourself.
With the increase of blood vessels and the enhancement of cultivation, this experience will become more and more obvious and stronger. If Meng Qi really has a great chance to become a snake with pure dragon veins, through this method, you can at least have the three-point power of a real ancient dragon.
Don’t underestimate this three-point power, which is enough to make Meng Qi call the shots in the cultivation of immortals and call his ancestors holy.
Having complete blood is not the same as being with the same creature. So even pure blood Meng Qi is still a snake in essence. Want to Hualong, not to purify the blood. )
However, this kind of understanding is not unlimited, and it will only touch the blood resonance in the body once every time you ascend. As for the quality of the income method, it depends on the blood concentration of the individual, as well as his own qualifications and comprehension ability.
Therefore, there is no small advantage for Meng Qi to practice this method without building a foundation. Generally, which small demon he has cultivated to this extent will have this level of blood?
With such blood, it is estimated that the newborn has at least the level of demon Dan. I’m afraid it’s really a wonderful flower like Meng Qi.
And Meng Qi was still a pity, and I thought it would be great if I got this method earlier. As a result, Old Man Cheng slapped his snake head and angrily said, "You are really not satisfied with this guy, and you don’t want to think about it. It’s useless to turn dragons into dragons without real dragon veins. You can’t be satisfied now, I’ll beat a smelly boy to death. " Then explain it to Meng Qi. Meng Qicai found out how cheap he had been. Although he was slapped, he was still happy to giggle.
Therefore, in order to experience the method that suits him earlier, Meng Qi practiced diligently every day. Try to understand the dharma as soon as possible. After absorbing the blood of the real dragon, Meng Qi changed from practicing for five hours a day (each step of the building foundation will increase the training time by one hour) to eight hours at once. It takes an hour more to practice than Hu Xianer.
It can be said that Meng Qi’s present talent is also a genius. Of course, there is still a long way to go, such as Ling Ling. People are not only gifted, but also don’t know how many elixirs and methods to optimize their physique when they were young. Meng Qi’s explosive qualifications are really inferior to others.
In fact, at the time of low order, it is really only necessary to practice hard for cultivation. Even if there is no auxiliary elixir, as long as it takes twice as long as it takes twice as long, it can always reach the maximum cultivation time limit of one day.
However, once you reach an equal level, you should practice on your own. Even if you practice for twelve hours a day, you can’t reach the maximum time limit of one day.
At this time, the role of Dan medicine was truly reflected. With the right Dan medicine, maybe you can practice for one day, which is worth practicing for several days or even months without the help of Dan medicine.
However, the materials for refining Dan medicine are not weeds on the roadside, and it is necessary to cultivate a high-ranking monk. The cost is absolutely staggering.
The general scattered practice can’t reach the level of elixir at all, and the reason is that a large number of elixirs can’t be obtained to assist the practice. If you are talented, you can’t cook without rice.
Of course, in the field of cultivation, high-level Dan medicine is also hard to find. Most monks who reach a certain level are self-penance, or they go out to seek opportunities.
However, if you practice penance for one point, it will be slow, but there will also be one point. If you go out to seek a chance, it’s not a cabbage in a vegetable field. You can have it if you want. So if you don’t have a chance, you will be one point behind others, and it is not a matter of seeking a chance for a while. In this way, the gap comes out.
However, once the opportunity is sought. It is by no means comparable to the practice of death. So this kind of thing is a matter of opinion.
However, Meng Qi doesn’t care about this kind of thing. Unlike Terran, a demon with successful cultivation. Nothing else can be compared. It’s no pressure to live longer. Besides, Meng Qi doesn’t want to be the king, so it’s good to live a leisurely life.
The big deal is to find a mountain corner and live a secluded life. But people always have something to pursue. Well, to put it bluntly, I’m just busy all day looking for something to do. Practice can just kill boring time.
Meng Qi had planned it for a long time, and after his own practice was successful, he would not practice all day. If you don’t want to live, you can find your own place to die. Because Meng Qi feels that hundreds of thousands of years have definitely made people want to live.
As for immortality, to be honest, it’s tempting. However, Meng Qi felt that it was too far away from him and unrealistic, and Meng Qi would only fantasize about it occasionally. But not too seriously.