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At this time, Zhuge couldn’t help looking at the blind old man before he was bright. The strength shown by the blind old man is undoubtedly a master of the empty period, even more terrible than the empty period. Why can he walk freely in the world? Falling into the sky disappeared for such a long time, is it also because of this reason to avoid the world?

Zhuge didn’t light up and suddenly felt his head was big.
"Taikoo six prohibitions, solution!" The blind old man’s hand-held tactic was printed on the void, and the originally blocked void was immediately untied.
You look at me, I look at you, and finally fly away like a flight to the sky. I’m afraid Zhuge will suddenly go back on his word before he lights up, and kill again.
Beargguy held on to the painting Ji of Fang Tian, and stared coldly at Zhuge Liang. If it weren’t for George W. demon fairy’s restraining him with the kings’ orders, according to his personality, I’m afraid he would have rushed over and lived with Zhuge Liang.
Zhuge doesn’t smile in his heart. Now he will cut all the elites of the major factions and major forces. I’m afraid that both the alliance of cultivating immortals and the major schools of thought will not let themselves go easily. Killing or not killing these people is a concept. But the blind old man has spoken, so Zhuge can’t say anything unless he is bright.
The blind old man seemed to see through Zhuge Liang’s gloomy thoughts and said, "Little boy, it’s also for your own good. When you reach that state, you will naturally not understand the old man’s painstaking efforts."
Zhuge smiled bitterly, but still hugged his fist at the blind old man: "Thank you, senior."
"Well, about Jiuding" At this moment, Su Ding suddenly said, "Zhuge is not bright. It’s not that I miss Jiuding. It’s just that if I bring that kind of thing on you again, I’m afraid it will lead to unnecessary troubles."
Upon hearing this, Zhuge frowned. He looked at Su Dingtian and subconsciously thought that Su Dingtian was also greedy for the ancient tripod in his hand.
"Grandpa" Su Xiaobai looked complicated at Su Dingtian.
"Young man, I didn’t mean that." Su Dingtian waved his hand and said, "Next, I will go to a place with this elder. Naturally, it is impossible to take Jiuding with me. The old lady means to hide Jiuding’s seal."
The blind old man nodded and said, "Boy, you’re on your own now. No one can help you now. Old man, my nephew Su and I have to go to a place."
"Where?" Zhuge’s lack of light was aroused curiosity.
"Why do you ask so many questions? In short, I will tell you at the next meeting." The blind old man impatiently waved his hand, glanced at Su Ding Tian and said, "Let’s go, let’s go, don’t dawdle."
Su Ding Paradise Hall is a master of the empty period, but now facing the blind old man, he is full of humility and smiles bitterly.
The blind old man takes a step in vain, and the next moment has appeared in the sky, disappearing in the blink of an eye, coming and going simply.
Su Dingtian entrusted Su Xiaobai with two sentences, and then said to the three elders of the Su family: "I will leave the exclusive matters to you." Say that finish, he coldly glanced at the distance of demon fairy and Beargguy, with a snort of light, body movement disappeared.
After that, the three elders of Sue’s family also patted Su Xiaobai on the shoulder, entrusted him with a few words, and then hurried away, as if there were something important.
"You Sue home" Zhuge is awkward, but he has no impression of this new family.
At this moment, demon fairy Jr. and Beargguy walked to come over, and Beargguy looked like a cannibal. He held on to Fang Tian’s painting halberd tightly, staring at Zhuge, as if he had torn him up.
"What are you looking at? Look at the big guy. If you refuse to accept it, you will fight again." Zhuge snorted when he was not bright.
"You" Beargguy heavy eyebrows a vertical, stepped forward, will be in the hands of the day painting ji lifted.
"Hum!" Zhuge didn’t fear before he lit up, but he also made a step forward. He is now on a par with Beargguy, and with the seven-star treasure body, Gu Wu Upanishads and two magic weapons, no one in Kyushu can stop him as long as the hole is empty.
"Have you two had enough?" Demon fairy Jr. stood in the way of the two men, and showed the kings’ orders. Beargguy gnashed her teeth and finally snorted. "I don’t want to get involved in this matter, so leave!"
After that, Beargguy turned and left. At last, he glanced at Zhuge Liang coldly and said, "If Zhuge Liang doesn’t shine, I’ll let you rise and fall at my feet sooner or later!"
Zhuge did not highlight and nodded: "The ideal is very beautiful. Go home and take medicine."
"Hum!" Beargguy, with a snort of cold, flew into the sky.
Demon fairy Jr. stood on the five-color lotus platform and put away the kings’ orders. The serious color on his face disappeared. He looked at Zhuge with a smile on his face and teased, "Ok, you little guy, I haven’t seen you for decades, and you have achieved today."
"All right, don’t run on me. Tell me what you want." Zhuge Liang shook his head with a wry smile.
"The ancestors want to see you." Small demon fairy road.
Zhuge Liang gently raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, "Your ancestors? Do you still want me to go to the monster family with you? How do I know what you are up to? Besides, why did your ancestors see me for no reason? "
"Do you remember what I said to you?" asked the little demon fairy.
"What words?"
Demon fairy, Jr., holding his cheeks in his hand, said, "Well, that’s what I said to you in Chapter 90. When I was in Fengman Mountain, I said that the last seven-star treasure demon killed Luo had something to do with our monster beast family, and I was a descendant of the demon who killed Luo. "
Zhuge didn’t move in his heart. He remembered that demon fairy did say such a thing at that time. And as soon as they met, she recognized the secret of her seven-star treasure body.
"Is that why your ancestors came to me?" Zhuge Liang smiled and said, "But killing Luo by magic is killing Luo by magic. I am me. Even if we also have the Seven Stars Treasure Body, I don’t want to know his deeds, and there is no need to go to the monster family with you."
Just kidding, he has offended many practitioners of the monster beast clan before. I’m afraid this trip is going deep into the den. And at the beginning, he was obsessed with the story of killing Luo because he couldn’t find the curse of breaking the spirit root without attributes, but now it’s different. With his current strength, there is no need to trace back the story of killing Luo.
Little demon fairy smiled gently and said, "I’m afraid it’s not up to you. I think there is someone you must really want to meet." "who?" Zhuge’s brow wrinkled before he lit up.
Little demon fairy giggled: "I wonder if you have ever heard of the song Angel’s Wings?"
Chapter 382 Sue’s past
Demon fairy’s words immediately surprised Zhuge Liang with horror. He looked at demon fairy strangely and said, "What did you say? Say it again! "
Little demon fairy chuckled and said, "Angel wings, you won’t forget this song. You sang it to some spoony girl."
"Xin ‘er is in your hands!" Zhuge burst out with two evil lights when he was not bright.
Demon fairy asked himself to be profound, but at the moment, facing Zhuge’s dim eyes, he shivered unconsciously and said, "What are you calling this? You make it sound like we kidnapped your little lover. But you are right, she is really in our monster family, and she is also a guest. What’s up, little fellow, are you willing to accompany me back this time? "
Zhuge Liang frowned. He really wanted to see Pang Xin ‘er, but the current situation had to make him think deeply.
Demon fairy didn’t urge him, just looked at him cheerfully. Su Xiaobai stood by and didn’t speak.
After thinking for a moment, Zhuge finally nodded: "Good! I’ll go back with you. "
He is now in the stage of deification, and he has two magic weapons to protect himself. What’s more, he has a deeper understanding of Gu Wu’s Upanishads, even in the face of the existence of the four kings of the monster beast family, he has no fear. The only thing that scares him is the ancestor of demon fairy.
According to George W. demon fairy, the strength of this ancestor is even higher than that of the four kings, and it is likely that he is as empty as Su Ding Day.
With the improvement of the realm, the level of practitioners contacted by Zhuge Liang has gradually improved. In the past, the strong people who could only be heard in rumors were now several. First, the blind old man, then Su Dingtian, the ancestor of the monster beast family is also likely to exist in the same realm.
What makes him feel more headache is that there are also experts in the virtual period among the major schools. The blind old man said before that the existence of the hole virtual period will not come out for special reasons. This also makes many big factions not know that they still have such fate figures.
But as soon as these old monsters are born, I’m afraid the major factions will be the first to find their own troubles.
Demon fairy Jr. said, "I think it’s better to wait for a few days. Anyway, you’re not in a hurry. You’d better find a place to stabilize your cultivation first."
The three people left the Buddhist prison, and naturally there were many practitioners waiting outside the Buddhist prison. Although they did not enter the Buddhist prison, they also learned the truth from the population who came out. Everyone was shocked when they learned that Zhuge had killed all the young masters in Kyushu before dawn.