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The people on this virtual picture are still wearing the acquired bagua Taoist robes of the Palm Sect of the Eight Scenes Palace. It seems that the position of the Palm Sect has been saved. When Bai Meng saw that he had arrived, he said, "Hope that the Palm Sect of the Virtual Picture is well!"

The people on the virtual map also smiled and said, "Don’t be ill, Master Lingbao!"
Not to mention that this old guy is really not thick-skinned, but Bai Meng doesn’t care about him because he only wants to protect himself everywhere, but the people on the virtual map seem to be surprised and say, "Why is Lingbao’s patriarch so seriously injured? Oh, it’s really a good thing!"
Bai Meng couldn’t hide it. He simply showed the nine purple lilies in the gv 10, blooming with Zi Xia golden light and smiled: "It’s a coincidence to get such a body!"
On the imaginary map, people are dubious. When I look at the dragon son and the heavenly son again, I can’t help but stomp back three steps and three points. I am surprised and seven points envious. I shouted, "Six Yang and Six Dragons are really basaltic roots, nine yin and nine gold, and the Eucharist is still faintly tempered by the dragon god. Ah, ah, if I can get these two disciples for life, I will have no regrets. You are really a great blessing. It is sure that they will inherit your mantle."
Hearing this, Bai Meng smiled proudly and said to Tianlongzi, "Why don’t Tianlongzi and Tiandanzi salute when they see the empty plan?"
Tianlongzi and Tiandanzi immediately saluted the people on the virtual map and said, "Virtual map palm teaches the younger generation to see you old!"
The people on the virtual picture are beaming and laughing: "It’s really my lucky fate to be your elder. It’s because of our rare meeting that I just refined some shady magic weapons to attend this treasure-hunting conference. I’ll give them to you as a meeting gift today!"
After he said this, he offered the Eight Diagrams Fairy Box and took a pair of jade ruyi. He said with a smile, "This is the magic jade ruyi, and it doesn’t have any great effect. It’s just that the erotic picture of Wan Li is too vicious. Many young disciples of our generation can’t prevent it. I hope you don’t abandon it. The magic weapon is small but it is also an old-fashioned mind!"
Tianlongzi and Tiandanzi hurriedly said, "How dare these generous gifts be too small? Thank you for your vain efforts!"
These guys are actually old guys. Tianlongzi was the Tiandanzi of the Song Dynasty, and it was also in the late Qing Dynasty to talk with the people on this imaginary map. It was so sour that Bai Meng didn’t listen to it. He just laughed: "I didn’t want to attend this treasure-hunting conference. I didn’t come until the first day of September. I was really unprepared. Moreover, I was seriously injured in the main war with the Moon Devil Sect’s Luoying Palace at the end of June, and I haven’t refined any magic weapons recently. It’s not good to give them to the two disciples under the Palm Sect. I still
The person on the imaginary map laughed: "You’re welcome. It’s just that there are 360 ghost kings in the mirror of Luoying Palace. It’s not to be underestimated!"
Bai Meng sneered: "If she hadn’t held the baby sword in her hand, I wouldn’t have been injured at all. I couldn’t have hurt a beard with the moon magic mirror, but don’t underestimate her. She has been killed by the baby sword!"
On the imaginary map, people are frightened to step back three steps again, with a wry smile: "If I had known that Patriarch Lingbao had such magical powers that day … Well, in short, I’m sorry to be original, but don’t take it amiss if Patriarch is still dead!"
Bai Meng laughed and looked up at the sky with a look of relief. "Let bygones be bygones," he said. "There’s nothing to blame for trying to protect yourself!"
The people on the imaginary map laughed: "Lingbao Daoyou seems to have changed a little. You must have some feelings about fighting Naluo Sakura Palace!"
Bai Meng was said to be right, but he just waved his sleeve and smiled: "The sharpness of the baby sword can only be seen clearly, but I don’t know how many strange people and treasures are waiting for me to see them one by one!"
If the sound of the river is mighty and full of true yuan, it is filled with a trace of yearning and helplessness.
On the imaginary map, the man said, "Then let’s go to the treasure-hunting conference together, Master Lingbao!"
"It’s also a good idea to teach!"
"Master Lingbao, please!"
The two of them laughed in the sky, and the unhappiness in the past turned into clouds and smoke. Four young disciples followed closely before arriving in Taixu Wonderland, only to find that the boulevard on the top of Mount Tai Jade Emperor was not in that Taixu Wonderland.
Bai Meng and the people on the virtual map dropped colorful clouds at the Bixia Taoist Temple. This place, also known as Bixia Temple, was built when the founder of Taixu was acquired by Taixu real people. Up to now, it has been more than 1,000 years since the worship of Mount Tai goddess Bixia Yuanjun.
This Bixia Yuanjun, also known as Taishan Empress, was named Bixia Yuanjun as Taishan Empress when Xuanyuan Huangdi sent seven virgin girls to Taishan to meet Xikun reality, but they didn’t come back. Xikun reality left one of them alone as a disciple, that is, Taishan Empress was also immortalized in the Western Zhou Dynasty.
The Taixu real person was originally a branch of Nangong. After he left Mount Li at the end of the Tang Dynasty and arrived in Taishan, according to the boasting of Taixu disciples, he met Taishan Empress and got two sets of classics, including Taixu Zhenjing. However, Bai Meng felt that it was unlikely, and he was definitely a disciple of Taixu School boasting.
Too much worship is also Xikun reality, Bixia Yuanjun and Taixu reality. No matter what, Bixia Yuanjun is a Jin Xian, he also wants to worship Baimeng, and he dare not neglect the etiquette. He bowed three times with the people on the virtual map, and her twenty-one pillars of incense led the people to set foot on the fairy bridge and step on a fairy edge.
Before arriving at the worse gate, it was Gan Xuzi and eight other young disciples who greeted Bu Ling. It was really another disciple.
"This ethereal real person was abolished, and now he is an ethereal brother. The palm teaching of the ethereal real person has changed, and the big disciple of the palm teaching has naturally changed. The leading young man is Gan Yunzi, the big disciple of the ethereal real person." On the imaginary map, people saw Bai Meng hesitate a little and quickly reminded him in a low voice: "These are imaginary numbers. Who knows if they should be changed later? Anyway, you and I are elders and don’t care about them!"
Bai Meng shook his head and chuckled, and the people on the imaginary map hurried to meet Xu Zi, but suddenly he was pushed by a cold hand and fell to the ground with a splash. Gan Yunzi took advantage of the situation and stopped Gan Xuzi and Bai Meng and the people on the imaginary map. He bowed down and said, "The great patriarch of Lingbao and the great palm of the imaginary map taught the two seniors to come to Taixu in person. Everyone is grateful. Please invite the two seniors to sit at the Jade Emperor’s Top with me."
As soon as he finished talking about other disciples here, he went back to the Jade Emperor’s top to have a drink: "Lingbao, a three-hole division of Yin and Yang Sect in Zi Xia Wonderland, scattered people, and the three-hole division of Qingcheng Sect, the patriarch of Qingcheng Wonderland, was taught to drive by Xuanzhen!"
Bai Meng snickered, but looked down at Gan Xuzi, only to see that he was being stepped on the back and shook his head secretly. I didn’t expect that there was still a struggle in this faction. After all, there was a friendship. On the imaginary map, people were afraid to speak, but they didn’t immediately turn cold and say to Tian Danzi, "Go and help your brother Gan Xuzi get up!"

Chapter one hundred and forty-nine Life and death
It was better for Draco to do such a thing. It’s just that Draco used to be a disciple of Xu Zi in his previous life. How can he do such a thing? Let Draco go.
On this day, Danzi was covered with white deer’s true blood, and the next step underground was a thousand miles away, but the figure flashed to Ganxuzi’s side. Although she is now a girl of seventeen or eighteen years old, she actually lived for hundreds of years. However, some motherly hearts helped Ganxuzi to get up and said, "My master asked me to help you be careful in the future!"
After saying this, I didn’t see her walking behind Bai Meng, which surprised everyone present. Now, no matter how big the avatar is, it can’t scare him. I just laughed: "The innate earth virtue is good. Lingbao Palm teaches you that this disciple is a nine-yin female body, which can be described as half water, real body, water and soil, and wood. The future is boundless and the immortal body can inherit the mantle!"
Bai Meng laughed and said, "The Dragon Son and the Six Dragons are the real sons of heaven. If they are put into the secular world, at least the prime minister of the empire can’t take charge of big things, so they can inherit the mantle!"
This blurted out that Tiandanzi’s face lit up with a smile, but the people on the imaginary picture were shocked and quickly made up for it: "This is the matter of the patriarch, but I am talkative!"
Bai Meng smiled and took the lead in walking to the Jade Emperor’s top and explained to the people on the virtual map: "I don’t know that I live in internal affairs. There are real dragons and celestial phenomena that can preside over all kinds of internal affairs in my teaching. My other disciples are also people of great wisdom. Tianyingzi was originally a disciple of the Magic Sect, and then he surrendered to our sect. He only had to practice hard before he could go down the mountain. Tianhuzi has a little shallow qualification but is proficient in worldly affairs. He is in charge of foreign affairs at my Zi Xia Taoist Temple. Tianhezi’s qualifications are natural, and he is a father-in-law of Qingcheng in your school. After that, he is good at alchemy and likes geomantic omen. He has nothing to do but practice alchemy and alchemy. On this day, Dan Zi is also ordinary. Although she is extremely clever, she is great in wisdom. She doesn’t like to be in charge of worldly affairs. She is now in charge of the treasure house, identifying all kinds of magic weapons every day and leading six boys to clean up all the things in the warehouse! "
The man on the imaginary map looked envious and said, "It’s really good that all disciples have their own things to do, and they don’t have to rob the patriarch of the Sect. I don’t know that this seemingly dangerous scenery was a few years ago. It’s a pity that the ethereal real person and the dry virtual child are so awesome now!"
Bai Meng has reached the top of the Jade Emperor, so it’s not convenient to say anything more. However, I saw a middle-aged Taoist immediately stepping on the clouds and floating in the afterlife. He was wearing a purple robe and three strands of green beards under his jaw. A pair of temples were a little thinner than a foot long, but they really didn’t look dry. The Taoist priest said, "Being original and teaching empty and wonderful people have seen two Taoist friends here!"
Bai Meng and the people on the imaginary map said, "I thanked you!"
Empty wonderful reality is a new official. He not only wants to burn the three fires, but also wants to have a smooth inside and outside. Please ask Bai Meng and the people on the virtual map to sit and talk about Kan Kan. He is smart to see Bai Meng’s strength, but he was seriously injured in the middle of the fit. He wants to ask the people on the virtual map to sit on it, but he wants to see the people on the virtual map trying to please Bai Meng. There are nine purple flowers shining on Zi Xia’s golden light on Bai Meng’s head. Instead, he quickly turned around and asked Bai Meng to sit on the right side. The first one on the right side is only at the bottom of the authentic
Without waiting for Bai Meng to sit down, he praised: "Brother Lingbao is a great fairy tale. In those days, Ziyang, the founder of Nanzong, was also a real person in Lingtai. There were nine Ziyang Jinguanglian. I didn’t expect that Ziyang Jinguanglian would reappear today. What a pleasure!"
Bai Meng smiled indifferently and said humanely on the imaginary map: "You don’t have to be polite to me when you are 100 years old!"
People on the imaginary map hesitated to see that Bai Meng’s face was plain and there was no false modesty, so they had to get out of the way and say with a smile, "Patriarch, you and I are sitting together!"
He naturally means to sit down together. Bai Meng doesn’t refuse, and he doesn’t care about the rules of sitting first. He sits down with the people on the virtual map. They are here with four seats, unlike the middle seat of Nanzong Longhumen. There are four pear-blossom wooden flat benches behind them for their disciples and followers to sit down. Tianlong Zi and Tiandan Zi also sat down.
Unlike the Zi Xia Taoist Temple, the etiquette and rules of the shopping arcade are very strict, and they can only sit behind a round bench without a chair back, otherwise it will not give those people in the middle seat face.
As soon as the two of them sat down in the middle seat, some sects taught them to say hello to them one after another. Many of these people are Du Jie-era masters. Although they have a little strength, they all know that Bai Meng is now in the limelight and there is a fairyland. No one dares to disobey.
Taiqing is the superior of Zuozong, and Shushan is the second of Zuozong. Now there are also different people, one is Jin Ming, and the other is someone who I don’t know, and must also be a scholar of Shushan School.
Jin Ming’s reality suffered a big loss from Bai Meng twice, and naturally pretended not to see that the hatred between Shu Shan School and Bai Meng deepened, and it was also a matter of looking up and not facing up.
People on the virtual picture want to get up and pull Bai Meng to say hello to the two men, but they see Bai Meng sitting quietly drinking tea with a cold face like frost and embarrassed to go alone, so they can only sit down and chat with Bai Meng with peace of mind.
"Patriarch, it is reported that Shushan and Taixu are going to join hands to make a fool of yourself. You should be careful!" It takes a long time for people on the virtual picture to summon up great courage. Generally, whispering seems to be talking to themselves.
Bai Meng took the tea lamp and pretended to drink tea, but whispered, "There is already a clever plan to deal with the master. You don’t have to worry about waiting for the good show!"
The people on the virtual map have dealt with Bai Meng several times, knowing that he is alert and ready, he is slightly relieved that he is a weak and timid person. If it is too empty and Shushan really bully Bai Meng, I am afraid that he is the first person to jump out, but after all, I feel sorry for Bai Meng. If he didn’t jump to the ethereal side that day, he wouldn’t have given birth to so many things behind him, but I still can’t help but worry.
Suddenly, there was a commotion in the crowd. Bai Meng squinted and saw that it was an ethereal real person who appeared. This person was no longer too vain to teach, but he still greeted people everywhere with a look of infinite beauty. He whispered a few words to the front desk seat and just got up and was about to speak. Suddenly, he took a look at Bai Meng and pretended to be surprised. He loudly said, "Hey, Patriarch Lingbao, how did you suffer such a big injury? Why doesn’t your flesh seem to be your own? Did you not occupy others like this before?" Haha! "
The so-called "good people don’t come and bad people don’t come" drama has finally begun!
Bai Meng sneered, but he heard Tianlong suddenly stand up behind him and shouted coldly, "Why are you so rude? My teacher’s body is a godsend, but can’t you see that?"
The ethereal real person also thundered: "Where can you talk here, Master Lingbao? Do you teach your disciples?"
Bai Meng still doesn’t talk, just drinks tea slowly without saying a word but with a slight sneer.
Originally, he reprimanded Tianlongzi, and it was over, but he never spoke, and it seemed that he deliberately indulged the stubborn followers. Generally, it immediately attracted public anger. After all, the young and the old are different in seniority and the ethereal real people are also the "elders" of Tianlongzi. It seems that they have all practiced in advance, and a white-robed Taoist priest suddenly stood up in the middle seat and shouted, "Lingbao, you are so unreasonable. Even if the disciples and elders confront each other, what kind of reputation does it have to be that seat!"
Bai Meng’s consciousness swept away and he knew that the man was a figure of the Northern Sect of Yuyang. He immediately stood up slowly and deliberately coughed several times and looked seriously injured. He coldly swept away the humanity: "I did this by killing countless demons. Where is the reputation of benevolence? If you want to sit in my position, you can. As long as you and I have a written battle for life and death, you can kill me, then sit now. If I kill you, then sit in the next life!"
"You …!" The man choked on his words.
There was a hubbub under the stage when someone suddenly shouted, "I’ll make a written evidence of life and death with you!" "
Shua, a middle-aged red-faced Taoist priest jumped out, holding a colorful lotus in his hand, wearing a innate gossip robe and stepping on a jade ruler with a purple light.
Bai Meng’s consciousness swept away and he knew that the man was a figure in the late stage of integration. If he had put him in his eyes in the past, Zhenyuan had only recovered most of his body, but he was still half-wounded. He just smiled at the sky and used a charm to conjure up paper and ink pens. He was just about to write down the written evidence when suddenly he saw that the man on the imaginary map stood up and said, "Xuanleizi, you are so rude. If you are not single and single, you will kill the moon demon patriarch and break her baby sword. How can you be presumptuous here!"
The word "Baby Sword" surprised everyone when it came out. This is one of the few most fierce magic treasures in the world so far, and even the ethereal real person who was still sneering was surprised.
"It doesn’t matter. It was two months ago. Now it’s finally recovered. It’s no longer a problem to deal with this person … well!" Bai Meng knew that if he didn’t kill one today, it would really be impossible to stop the scene. The written evidence of life and death was about to be signed, so that Xuanleizi had no way out. Tiandanzi suddenly said, "Master, I am willing to go to war!"
Bai Meng took a look at Tian Danzi and frowned slightly. On this day, Danzi just arrived at the early stage of fitting some time ago, or Tianhezi painstakingly refined a six-turn elixir. It is also for today that he forced to use the elixir to enhance his skill.