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"Brother Monkey, you said that you got into a fight with that bird angel because he got into trouble by killing his soul feathers first?" King Jin Chi Peng asked.
"Yes, the younger brother. That guy is capable, but I am addicted this time! " The monkey wins the king and satisfies the tunnel.
"Monkey Brother, I’ll fight him when," said King Jinpeng with golden wings, but he was muttering in his heart. The archangel Ali would not be confused when it was! How could he kill the monkey with his soul and feather to win the king at this juncture? There is no reason! But with his understanding of Monkey Brother, what Monkey Wins the King is absolutely true. This puzzled him.
"The younger brother with golden wings, that bird angel, I am also angry when I look at it. It is said that he is the most insidious in the western celestial world. Maybe that guy is secretly plotting against us. Let’s be careful with him in the future, and don’t suffer a dark loss then. " The peacock is king.
In the camp of the western gods, the archangel Ali looked at the camp of the southern blood demon world and his face was as cold as ice. Previously, he had a fight with the monkey to win the king without hurting his opponent, but many Japanese angels were caught in the strong fight between the two. Although there are a lot of small demons who died there, ten of them are not worth an angel! What makes him even more annoyed is how the monkey can find him! It is said that the Buddhist world in the west and his rectification are even greater!
The five major forces, non-stop, immortal does not rest, magic does not stop, but the original spacious passage seems to be getting narrower and narrower.
"Hey, what happened ahead?" The flower king of the Oriental Fairy World exclaimed. "How can human weather appear here?"
This is a war site specially selected by Tianxin. This site is only ten days’ journey from the solar system outside the channel, and Fairy buddha magic can be moved out by a move. Therefore, Tianxin used half of the divine power here to cast a "Vientiane" attack, creating a fairyland on earth.
"Tell the four heavenly kings that there is a storm ahead. Do you want to go forward?" The fairy who went to explore returned.
"How can this happen!"
In the eyes of the five major forces in Sifang, the special passage at this time is dark, which is the prelude to the arrival of the storm! They didn’t stop. After they all entered this dark area, they only felt waves of sharp and unparalleled wind howling swept through. Suddenly, the strange sounds of fairy sound, Buddha name, ghost crying and demon howling gradually filled up.
The strange howling stopped suddenly, and the wind was pure wind. It rolled up sand and stones, blew off several trees folded by people, and slammed them hard. The huge stones like hills, like the ferocious beasts, rumbled up countless dust and pressed them hard. Then, a series of lightning pricked the sky, and thousands of roads, thousands of roads … fell on them like silver snakes.
Rao is one of the five major forces, and everyone has made great achievements. At this time, he is also totally embarassed and flustered. Although these sandstorms, rocks and lightning are not as deadly as the pounding waves generated when the monkey wins the king and the archangel Ali atrix, they still bring great troubles to the low-level immortals. The already crowded various means of transportation are in a mess, and the high-level immortals fly up one after another. In the special passage, they are as spectacular as thousands of bamboo shoots, and then they see magic weapons flying out one by one to isolate the bad sandstorms and stones and lightning.
When the immortals, buddhas, demons, demons and angels were resisting, a loud binge drinking came, "invaders, go home!" The source is not where you should come. "
If the sound is Sanskrit, if the sound is awesome. But how can you wake up these fairy buddha magic demons who were ordered to enter the original place? The same yelling came back, "Who are you? Get out."
King Peng of Golden Wings was suspicious at first, but when he heard this, whether it was right or not, he said, "Well, I knew someone was playing tricks, Monkey Brother, this guy will have an illusion, and he may have caused the war between you and that bird angel."
"You this bird, is really intentional! You can know this, "a voice sounded, and a golden light appeared, revealing the heavenly heart. "You, go home, it’s not easy to cultivate, and it’s really not worth dying in the source." With a sound, with a stroke of the right hand, the lightning just now disappeared, and only a big frustum of a cone full of knives, mountains and seas appeared between the five major forces and Tianxin.
The Four Heavenly Kings of the Oriental Fairy World knew from the news from thousands of miles along the wind that there was a man with great magical powers in the source area. The Four Immortals wondered whether this man was the man with great magical powers. Tianxin gave them the impression that they really didn’t see any great skills except for the amazing storm and rock storm when they appeared. There was nothing but the appearance of the elephant. Of course, they don’t know that Tianxin’s display at this time is an ordinary heart, and the heart is like an image. Of course, it belongs to the kind of grasping a lot.
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, what a boy who overreached himself," King Jin-winged Peng of the South Blood Demon World laughed, apparently calling him a bird without anger, and returning to the last boy, a man among the five forces flying in the air. "These are fairies and gods. There are important things to do when you go to the original place, boy. Don’t get in the way, otherwise they will tear you to pieces."
"Are you? Bird gods. " As the dark winds, this guy is definitely a master of provocation, easily kicked the ball to the fairy Buddha demon behind him.
"Boy, that mouth of yours should be changed. Wang Daren, the golden wing of the southern blood demon world, was called a bird fairy by you. You are too talkative." Flower king laughed.
"But he is just a bird," he said to himself unintentionally. This is also a master who can choose occasions and squeeze people with words, but he pretends to be innocent. "This elder, thank you for telling me his name! Listen, King Peng with Golden Wings, Dapeng Golden Winged Bird, he really knows how to choose a name! Elder, what’s your name, please? Lest I call you bald later. "
"Boy, you … too lazy to ignore you. Remember, my name is Hua, alias Tian Wang, and you can call me Tian Wang. "
When King Jinpeng saw that the Flower King was killed, he was not happy, nor did he care about the verbal offense of Tianxin. Instead, he pointed to a group of people in the Buddhist world not far away. "Boy, what you want to call is all over there, and the Flower King is just missing a few grasses above the bright hall."
"What did you say, King Peng with Golden Wings? I didn’t hear you," cried Tianxin suddenly.
"Boy, you …" King Peng of Golden Wings flew away with a wry smile, ignoring heavenly heart.
The five forces quieted down, but in the knowledge of Tianxin, there was a buzz, and Tianxin knew that they were going to attack. The "Vientiane" he spent time decorating was somewhat misleading. The disc that stands between him and the five major forces, among which the immortals and Buddhists seem to be the only way to get through the source, because the disc is surrounded by black, thick and thick, so you can’t see what’s inside, and you don’t know what this dark thing is and how thick it is. Therefore, although there are knives, mountains and seas on the disc, it is relatively much cuter, at least you can see the opposite scene clearly.
As the saying goes, one monk has water to eat, two monks carry water to eat, and three monks have no water to eat. Besides, the five major forces are not monolithic, and the heads of various forces must have the idea of preserving their strength, or they would have attacked early, and with their strength, they would have gone back to discuss it.
Sure enough, the voice of King Peng with Golden Wings came from the South Blood Demon World first. "No, that boy has no fear of staying there, and his cultivation should be no less than ours. The disc in front must be an extremely powerful instrument. Otherwise, according to my usual temper, that boy dared to call me a bird fairy, and I would have smashed him with one paw."
"However, the Supreme Adult wants us to arrive at the rendezvous point on time!" Big peacock king uneasy tunnel.
"Peacock king, there is nothing to worry about, the younger brother of Golden Wings is right. Don’t hit this head for a while. As for the meeting place, Lord Yao is worried about the balance of power. Now, everyone can’t make it, so it doesn’t matter. Someone will be more anxious than us. " The monkey wins the king and turns his shrewd eyes, glancing at the position of the western gods.
As the Monkey King said, the archangel Ali and the archangel Ouli, who came to the aid of the western gods, were sad. At this time, even Ali’s full of intrigues could not be made. Around the corner of my eye, the other four forces seem to have given up and rested on the spot.
"Ali, what should I do? It seems that the venerable king of Ming Dynasty in the Buddhist world are sitting in meditation. When they wake up, they are afraid that the soup will turn yellow. Hate the two light bones in the northern underworld, all around the girl of Leng Lancui, without even looking around; The three most active lich kings actually dozed off; The Oriental Fairy World is nothing. " O ‘Lea Road.
"Wait a minute, anyway, it’s not far from the source here, Ollie, we need to endure!"
Sea entertainment empire. An unexpected message.
"Milan’s adult, please allow me to call you that. I am a branch manager of Tianxin Group in new york, North America. He is currently the captain of the second brigade under Ha Ha Lu. The situation in America has changed. Tens of thousands of local forces mastered by five men in black in new york have stopped fighting and entered a period of integration. Ha ha Lu, the devil in black, lectured a few days ago and said that he would lead us to sweep the whole America and build an army. I think this information may be useful to you. Tang Jian is respectful. "
In the office of the president of the Empire State Building, Milan looked at the information and asked Tielin to find out the information of Tang Jiancong.
"Tang Jiancong, male, 26 years old, is the manager of Tianxin Group Tianjing Energy Co., Ltd. in America, and is also the only manager of an overseas company who can practice to the sixth order. Have an auxiliary brain. "
"Tielin, you say, what do those North Day Ma guys really want to do? If you are tired of killing people, you don’t have to form an army! " Milan asked questions.