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"You little guy, why do you always like to call space-based soldiers little guys?" Milan asked incredulously.

"Milan little MM, are they really small?" Guangling road.
"They are small, I think you are really small!" Milan has a headache, and she has become smaller by mm.
"No, no, not the size, but the age," said the seven little spirits in unison. Milan MM is a good MM, but it is not good to treat them as little dolls at all times.
"A little improvement can’t be achieved," as ignored the dispute between the seven little spirits and Milan. "After reaching the deep space in the universe, you should further increase the pressure on all space-based fighters and conduct maximum training without causing great harm to them. In addition, it is even more necessary to train all the starships with your knowledge in the seven yuan celestial world. During the specific training period, you are instructors, and you can discuss with several heads of the army. "
"Yes, boss, we will train the big men to forget MM, and the MM will forget the big men." Seven little spirits laughed and suddenly remembered something, pointing to Lin Yilan, Huang Rui, He Yuming and Li Qiang. "Boss, let’s go. What about these sisters MM? We are their instructors for an hour every day. If we don’t teach, our losses will be great. "
"What do you have to lose?" As smell speech strange tunnel. "Don’t teach them, doesn’t that mean you have a holiday?"
"Holiday, boss, we don’t like to have a holiday. We have become addicted to being instructors. Within the specified time, one minute is not appropriate, we feel uncomfortable, ten minutes is not appropriate, we don’t think about tea and rice, and one hour will kill us. " Cried the fire spirit waving his little arm.
"You …" Lin Yilan, Huang Rui, He Yuming and Li Qiang looked at the seven little spirits. For more than a month, the seven spirits have been addicted to instructors, and the four girls and Tong Ya sweat for an hour almost every day. Although their kung fu has improved a lot, their figure has become more coordinated and their temperament has become more charming, adding a style of sports beauty to their bodies. But they were really tired. When they were pleasantly surprised and thought they could have a holiday, they didn’t expect to be specially trained for an hour, and the seven spirits threatened to be killed for it. Are there any problems with these seven little guys?
After the seven little spirits finished speaking, the meeting room immediately burst into laughter.
"Never mind, after they have arranged the affairs of the group, they will also go to the deep blue base, where you can train them at any time if you are interested." As laughing. "Besides, you can write down how much time is missing and make up for it later."
"Boss …" Cried the four women, regretting why they got into these seven little ancestors. In the sea entertainment empire, they are exhausted from an hour of special training every day, and now they are finally adapted. Going to the deep blue base, the training degree is increased, so I have to get tired again and adapt again.
"Boss wise, boss boss, we love you, just like mice love rice." The seven spirits twisted their asses at the round table and danced. "Sister, sister, we love you too, just like watching little MM cry."
"These little, where did you learn it? It’s really irritating and funny. " Milan heart way, funny smile on his face. Chaduc, Guo Xiangdong and Jiwu burst out laughing, but the five women, such as Tianxin and Tongya, were in distress situation. The happy show of the seven little spirits on the round table infected everyone in the meeting room.
"Well, let’s arrange it like this first. There are still a few days left. You should arrange your own affairs well. It will take three months to go!" Tianxin Dao
"Sister, we don’t have to be apart now." The seven spirits winked and looked so funny that they sang a big promise to Lin Yilan, Huang Rui, He Yuming and Li Qiang.
"You seven little things are really getting worse." Li Qiang smiled and said. "Who is not separated from you!"
"Damn, when someone treated us like mice, we didn’t say that someone was hateful. Our seven little spirits are upright, upright, straightforward, honest and sincere, but they are the best people in the world except the boss. You simply don’t understand our pains. " The seven little spirits turned to sigh and looked bitter.
"painstaking, where is this!" Daughters feel dizzy when they hear this.
"Sisters, don’t pay attention to these pony farts. After you arrive at the deep blue base, you can make a guest appearance in the Fish Dragon Corps. I am short of counselors!"
"Counselor, counselor is what? Sister. " At a turn, the little eyes of the seven spirits walked to the front of several women and bowed down.
"Counselor, counselor is …" Tong Ya suddenly grabbed the watery of the seven little spirits, kissed the watery little face and maliciously left a little saliva. "This is counselor!"
"This is the counselor, no matter what!" Moist and free, join the team of seven small spirits who have stepped back, and sigh together.
The meeting ended in laughter and everyone dispersed.
When everything quieted down, Tong Ya came to his office with Tianxin, and they stood quietly in front of the floor-to-ceiling shutters, looking at the beautiful scenery of the sea entertainment empire outside.
"Brother Xin, what are you thinking?"
Tianxin turned to look at Tong Ya. "Ya Ya, do you have confidence in me?"
"Brother Xin, when I first met you, I never thought we would have such achievements." Tong Ya whispered.
Jade people’s words are affectionate, proud, proud of starting a business together, confident in the future, and sharing all the joys and sorrows with him in the future. Looking at the beautiful and glamorous woman in front of him, Tianxin suddenly felt that his little worry about the five major forces of Sifang Yu vanished. He pulled up Tong Ya and hugged him gently.
The two stopped talking and felt each other’s heartbeat, quietly feeling the warmth of this rare opportunity. Tianxin kissed Tong Ya’s fragrant face and hair. For a long time, his mind suddenly jumped back to the day when he started the "Vientiane" trick. He couldn’t help saying, "I haven’t visited the maritime entertainment empire with you. Where have you not been? Maybe you want to go again. Let’s swim together."
"Really," Tong Ya was pleasantly surprised. She and Lin Yilan, Huang Rui, He Yuming and Li Qiang made a big trip when the maritime entertainment empire was just opened. Later, they always felt that something was missing, and their interest gradually faded. In addition, the group was busy, and their own practice had to keep up. I don’t know when the amusement stopped. At this time, listening to Tianxin, I suddenly became active and immediately suspected. "You haven’t been out with us for so many years. Why do you suddenly bring this up now?"
Tianxin was ashamed and took her hand and smiled. "I’ve been busy with this and that, and there are many accidents. When I go to the deep blue base, I’m sure there will be many things that I can’t handle. It’s better to take advantage of these days’ leisure to spend time with you and enjoy the picturesque scenery and the beautiful scenery around you."
"Good good, I’ll go to inform them, get ready, swim Feilaifeng. We only have this mountain left, and we are worried that we will not be able to become immortal at the summit. " Tong ya laughed and teased, his face was filled with joy, and he wanted to turn away.
"No," Tianxin stopped her. "There are still some things to do!"
"What’s the matter …" Tong Ya’s words didn’t say that finish. The scenery in front of him has changed, and the peak of a mountainside wrapped in clouds stands in front of him. "Hey, isn’t this Feilaifeng? Why am I here? "
While she was hesitating, she suddenly saw seven little spirits coming from far away and asked, "Where is your boss?"
"Boss, boss is gone again!" Seven little spirits sighed, "Sister MM, the boss may have gone to find Teng Teng ‘er?"
"What? This dead heavenly heart said that she would take our sisters for a swim in Feilaifeng, and then she ran to Teng Teng-er in a blink of an eye and came back to see if I wouldn’t punish him? "
"Sister MM, if you want to punish the boss, we agree!" Seven small spirit hands rested on her hips.
"Go, go, kids, what do you know!" Tong ya short-tempered tunnel. She galloped all the way to the top of Feilai Peak, and suddenly thought, "That Teng Teng Er is far away in the dream star field. It was an accident when Brother Xin went last time. If he went this time, he would definitely leave a message. It must be the seven little spirits talking nonsense. Seven little spirits, seven little spirits … "
She shouted at random, but there was no reply. When she looked intently, she saw that there were no seven spirits, even Feilaifeng was gone. She was on the train, sitting beside Lin Yilan and Huang Rui, and asked, "Two sisters, have you seen Brother Xin?"
"Brother Xin, Xiaoya, when did you have a brother Xin?" Lin Yilan surprised tunnel.
Tong Ya looked at the train car stupefied, and she was crazy. She was not dreaming, and suddenly went back to more than ten years ago. In front of her, Lin Yilan and Huang Rui are dressed in travel and leisure clothes, just like they were ten years ago. "When did I go back to the past through time and space?" She murmured, "It’s over, it’s over, where can I find Brother Xin!"
Back to sit in the seat of the train car, looking around, she only felt a twinge of tightness in her heart, and then looked at her tourist clothes like Lin Huang and two women, lamenting in her heart, "God, since you let me go back to the past, why don’t you wash away my memory?" Whoops, Brother Xin, Baiyunju, Maritime Entertainment Empire, Seven Little Spirits, Milan, Great Desert, Goodbye! "
She YouZi sad, don’t feel the surrounding environment has changed again, she is not sitting, but standing, and it is a silver armor wrapped in the body of youth is outbursts, fly sword palm shadow in Taklimakan desert Tianxin group headquarters building 28th floor war fierce battle foreign super warrior, that’s his first fight, "that feels really cool! It’s a pity that Brother Xin is not around! "
"Brother Xin," she suddenly woke up and found Jiwu, Lin Yilan, Huang Rui and He Yuming standing beside her. "Big sister, second sister, where’s Brother Xin?"
"Brother Xin, hee hee, Xiaoya, when did you get so affectionate?" The other three women joked, regardless of Jiwu’s big light bulb. "We are fighting a foreign super warrior. At this time, you can also think of that person. You are really good!"
"Can’t you think about it at this time?" Tong Ya was a little at a loss, and jumped. "You are busy, I will go to Baiyunju!"
Baiyunju, to be exact, everything remains the same, without any change, which makes her think about it, return to the red leaves and fragrant hills, and then go to the unknown Pacific island. Brother Xin refined Dan medicine and armor for her, while she played on the beach, watching the blue sea and the seabirds singing high. It was really intoxicating that day. Brother Xin hugged her and kissed her! From that moment on, no, from the moment we met on the previous train, her heart was engraved with this man’s imprint, which will remain unchanged forever!
"What a romantic love! There seems to be a force, so that after being hugged by him, he is willing to gamble his youth to accompany him for life. After returning to school, Xin Ge didn’t look for her for a few days, which made her feel so shocked! "
"By the way, there is space, kissing in space, fighting animals on Pangu Star, and the brown-red lion-faced animals. They are so awesome and have a heart to accompany them. At that time, their hearts were so happy."
"Lanzhou removed bandits and teleported to Shanghai. Since then, Brother Xin has been separated from time to time. In the days when he left, how much he missed him! After the group headquarters moved from Shanghai to Taklimakan Desert, I didn’t expect that Brother Xin’s accidents would increase … only Gankun Tower! "
The scene changed again, turning into her penance in the Tianzi Tower in Nucheng. "Why did I suddenly come to Nucheng?" Tong Ya suddenly realized that she was in an inexplicable movement. The more she thought about it, the less she came! Something that occasionally passes through her mind will take her to a certain point in the past or future.
"It’s good! That’s good. I can find my brother by memory! " Tears sprang up in her eyes, I don’t know whether it was sour or sweet, whether it was to find a way or because she could embark on a journey.
"Yaya, why are you crying again?" Grandpa Tong Hui’s laughter came from my ear.
"No, it’s back to childhood," Tong Ya’s heart suddenly changed, and she looked at her childish body, dressed as a student. It happened that the little head was filled with things twenty years later, filled with that person. "Grandpa, I’m fine. I blew sand into my eyes."
"Sand, let grandpa show you. Is it September in Beijing?"