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As soon as the person who urinates comes into contact with cold water, he suddenly wakes up and struggles to shout, "Oh, don’t hit me!" "

Sue orange heard shouting outside and shook her head naively. They were so cruel to their own people, and even worse, they treated themselves!
I could have been quiet for a while. I knew that these people were afraid to do it again, but I didn’t expect this group of scum to sneak up after falling asleep that night!
Although she didn’t let the other side take advantage and hurt several people, she suffered some flesh wounds herself because she was unprepared.
The cell supervisor probably thinks that if these people can’t kill her, she will disturb the order and beat the prisoner’s name, and she will go into the cage of dark light!
Chapter one hundred and twenty Father? !
Sue orange can’t help but sigh from the memory.
It seems that this time she was really calculated by someone, but now she has no idea that this person is the background to kill her!
From this, Su Orange is more at ease. No, mother and Su pomelo are tied with their hands. If someone deals with them, what should they do to protect themselves?
In the past, she resented Su pomelo, and she had already let go of her resentment and regret.
Thirst, hunger, cold, damp and dark
Cut off all links with the outside world!
If you are a little weak-willed, you are likely to have a nervous breakdown.
But I don’t know how long I’ve been in this cage. I’m sore all over and my hands and feet are cold …
"Daddy …"
A familiar sound appeared in the ear, and a pair of tender little hands stroking her pale face seemed to be trying to comfort her.
"Qiuqiu …"
Su orange made a hoarse voice.
"Daddy, make me into a pill and eat it!"
"What did you say?"
Sue orange herself heard voices.
At this time, the system automatically played.
Finally there is light in the darkness.
Qiuqiu fluttered his wings and appeared in front of him.
"Dad needs to exchange a soul-eating knife, a soul-refining furnace, stab the knife into my heart, and then put my body in the soul-refining furnace, which will soon be refined into a Dan medicine, and then Dad’s ability to be sealed will be released."
Qiuqiu is a little sad, but his eyes are very clear and firm. He personally hit the mall and found the soul-eating knife and soul refining furnace.
"What are you talking about!" Sue orange closed the mall with a wave of his hand.
Qiuqiu threw himself into Sue Orange’s arms, and his face was as soft as a sticky kitten and rubbed Sue Orange’s cheek.
"Daddy, I am a pet with 100% loyalty. My significance is to fight side by side with Daddy … but I’m not a good baby … being lazy will get Daddy into trouble, even if I don’t have Qiuqiu Daddy, I will get a better pet …"
"Shut up!"
What is a pet is very important? How could she live and kill Chuqiu?
"Daddy …"
Qiu Qiu’s big eyes were filled with tears. "Qiu Qiu doesn’t want to die daddy … Without daddy’s shelter, Qiu Qiu is still alive, but he will soon be eaten by other people’s pets as food to enhance their energy and combat effectiveness. Daddy should live well. You still have your mother and sister and so many boyfriends and girlfriends …"
"Shut up!"
Sue orange hit the cage with a hard punch.
Never shed tears. Her eyes are wet
It turns out that there are so many fetters in this world that she can’t give up people!
Qiuqiu changed the soul-eating knife and the soul-refining furnace regardless of the owner’s obstruction, and then righteously jumped into the soul-refining furnace.
Hold the stove cover in one hand and the soul-eating knife in the other!
"Don’t! Stop it! "
Sue orange drank one, but Qiuqiu was in the warehouse, and she could endure it.
Just as Chuqiu was about to disembowel the savior …
As soon as the door of the cell clicked, the light came in and lit up the iron cage placed in the middle.
Su orange’s hand blocked one eye. Although the light was not very strong, it was still dazzling for people who had stayed in the dark for a long time.
But I saw the guard come in from the outside with a tall and slender man.
"After investigation, the murderer was someone else, and you have been released from the crime."
The guard hit the cage before taking out the key while talking.