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The stone house crashed into pieces, turned into stone chips, and white light surged, just like the sea of Wang Yang, gushing. Zhuge Liang was sitting in the white light, and the white light seemed to be an infinite torrent hitting his body, and Zhuge Liang was hanging up.
Against the background of this white light, Zhuge is extremely sacred when he is not bright, solemn and solemn, long and upright, and his clothes are swinging, which is somewhat like the breath of dying.
The rich white light lasted for more than ten minutes, and the residual gradually dispersed. Zhuge’s unlit skin was crystal clear like Baoyu, and Guanghua was flowing and crystal clear, and even the veins of blood vessels and meridians could be seen. A little brilliance spilled out of the body, as if there were starlight hanging over him.
Zhuge’s dim eyes shot out two substantive cold lights, just like two swords, which penetrated the phoenix flower forest and knocked down some phoenix flowers, making a lot of noise and making a colorful loss.
"I finally broke through the foundation period." Zhuge Liang shook his fist, only to feel full of strength. He felt that he could split Huashan and shake the sea now. This time, it not only broke through the foundation period, but also thoroughly transformed him and thoroughly transformed himself.
Chapter 47 Imperial Sword also needs to take a driver’s license test (I)
() I have to say that the fruit of concentration is magical. After all, this is the elixir that Yanmengli used to break through the then period. The essence of heaven and earth is so rich that Zhuge was sent to the second floor of the foundation period, which saved him most of the things …
Close your eyes, Zhuge can clearly feel the essence of heaven and earth beating around when he is not bright. They are dancing like lively elves.
"You gave it to him?" The elder of the sky stood under a phoenix flower tree in the distance.
"He needs it now more than I do." Yin Mengli stood behind him, white clothes beat snow, and said, "It is useless to rely on a concentrated fruit from the dazzling period to the golden elixir period, which is nothing more than a small loss."
Elder Sky smiled and said, "Your attitude towards him is obviously much better now … A month later is the day when a new batch of disciples in the foundation period will examine the imperial sword. You arrange it for her. I have to leave for a while. "
"Leave?" Yin Mengli was slightly dumbfounded.
"Tomb-Sweeping Day is coming soon. I’m going to pay homage to the dead" xianggong "and" baby ".
Zhuge felt carefully the activities of the essence of the world around him when he was not bright, and he felt everything around him through his body. The branches of the phoenix tree swayed and the curtains swayed in the wind, and he could not escape his grasp at all.
A graceful white figure descended like a fairy, standing in the dim depth of Zhuge. Yin Meng glass is as beautiful as a flower, and the snow-white clothes are in sharp contrast with the fiery phoenix tree behind him.
"The second floor of the foundation period, it seems that the concentrated fruit really helps you a lot." YanMeng glass beautiful eyes on zhuge not bright looked for a moment, faint said.
"Sister, I owe you one." Zhuge didn’t smile, and his heart was touched.
Yin Mengli said: "These are the orders of the master. If you want to thank him, thank him."
Zhuge Buliang knew that Yin Mengli was not a woman who was good at expressing words, so he immediately stopped saying anything. Looking at the fairy sword behind Yin Mengli, Zhuge Buliang asked, "Sister, if I have finished the foundation period, can I learn swordsmanship and choose my own fairy sword?"
Yin Mengli said: "The sect will hold an imperial sword examination for its disciples during the foundation period every six months. After passing the examination, the sect will be equipped with a fairy sword and will be awarded the imperial sword instruction."
"Imperial sword instruction?" Zhuge was slightly dumbfounded when he was not bright.
"The imperial sword instruction is a token and a proof. Only those who have obtained the imperial sword instruction can qualify for the imperial sword. There are many places in Kyushu where the imperial sword technique is restricted, such as some cities of practitioners or some special areas. With the imperial sword instruction, you can freely enter and leave."
"Why don’t you just say your driver’s license ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
Yan Meng’s eyebrows are wrinkled in a subtle way, and it is difficult for her to understand Zhuge’s inexplicable language.
"A month later, it is the royal sword assessment of a new batch of disciples in the foundation period. Through the assessment, you can choose your own fairy sword." Yin Mengli left a faint sentence, turned around and left.
"Elder martial sister, I want to ask, is it okay to drink the royal sword?"
"What do you mean?"
"I am afraid of encountering drunk driving …"
"I don’t know what it means!" Yin Mengli left with a slight anger.
For the next month, Zhuge Buliang has been studying swordsmanship to prepare for the next month’s assessment. Every day, Li Kewei personally teaches him the skills of imperial sword.
In just one month, the Royal Sword Examination will be held in a few days.
Zhuge Buliang went to Yaoxian Pavilion alone to register. Elder Ge presided over the imperial sword examination this time, but all disciples who broke through the foundation period in the past six months can take part in the examination and get their own immortal sword. When Zhuge Liang didn’t see the applicants, he couldn’t help but feel a little dumbfounded. There were only five people.
Among them, apart from herself, there are two disciples of Zhang Jiao in Yuetian and two disciples of Elder Pang, and Pang Xiner is among them. She also belongs to the disciple who broke through the foundation period in the past six months.
Zhuge Buliang touched the Xianjian across his waist, which was temporarily borrowed by Li Kewei to take part in the imperial sword examination.
"Hey, pig!" Pang Xiner came over and said, "You also came to take part in the assessment. Did you break through the foundation period?"
Zhuge did not highlight and nodded: "Just broke through."
"It’s not bad, it’s very fast ~ ~" PangXin son picked his eyebrows with some surprise.
Several other people are also disciples who have just broken through the foundation period in the past six months, and they are amazed at Zhuge Buliang. He is now the man of the Yaohai Sect, and no one will not know him. I remember that three months ago, Zhuge Buliang was only a disciple of the ninth floor in the gas refining period. In just three months, he actually broke through the foundation period. This kind of cultivation is beyond the reach of even some geniuses of Yaohai School.
"What an amazing progress of cultivation. Three months broke through the foundation period."
"Brother Zhuge Ming is already a genius. I didn’t expect him to enter the foundation period before Zhuge Ming."
"It must be that the elder from the sky gave him a lot of elixirs!"
"This guy has been fighting against Brother Jin Yao and Brother Si Qinyu. If we can hit him hard in the assessment this time, we will definitely get the appreciation of the two brothers."
"This is not good. This guy is fierce, and we haven’t seen his methods before."
"Ming’s hand naturally won’t work, only secretly!"
A few people were whispering, thinking that Zhuge Liang couldn’t hear them. As everyone knows, Zhuge Liang is now a second-floor cultivation in the foundation period, and his knowledge of God is extremely keen. All their words fell into Zhuge Liang’s ears.
"Want to sell to me? Hey! " Zhuge’s eyes narrowed slightly when he was not bright, and the cold light in his eyes flickered.
There are many such people in the world. They always have such unrealistic people who love to go out of their way, and a group of things that twist Dad’s hat to death.