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Liu Yun’s smile is very dull, and he is not intimidated by himself at all. Bai Meng pretends to be calm and returns to his seat with a sneer: "That’s better to listen to you!"

Liu Yun stood up and said slowly, "The seven evil spirits have already confessed that it was originally his disciple Baiwenhang who had a little business relationship with you in his early years, so you have to cross them. When the two families have contacts, he will tell you that there is a ghost emperor under that cave. Later, you used some magical powers to surrender, but it backfired and you let the ghost emperor out. Today, we are here to listen to what you just said. If the ghost emperor comes out again, you will lead the fix-true world to handle this matter! "
Bai Meng sniggered that the seven evil spirits, who are always flexible, actually made things so perfect. It was really watertight, and immediately his face relaxed and easy-going with a smile: "Now I am an equal with the elders of the four schools. Naturally, I have to take what I said seriously. We won’t turn a blind eye to what the fix-the-true boundary is in charge of. As long as he dares to come out and endanger the world, we will concentrate on sending troops to pieces and return the world to peace! "
Liu Yun gave a high five and laughed: "Then it seems that the patriarch is really ready to convene all the factions in the world!"
Bai Meng’s face turned cold again, trying to suppress his inner throbbing cold voice and asked, "Is it true that your evil ghost is really coming out?"
Liu Yun’s face was grim. "There is no contact between our government and various sects. Usually doing things is also the unspoken rule of obeying the river and not invading the well water. Originally, we didn’t intend to ask about it, but arranged for the police department to investigate and delay for a while. Save the media from always staring at it. But some time ago, a Mahayana master suddenly went to see the president, saying that a disciple of the Antarctic astronomical Sect suddenly came out of the Antarctic fairyland to warn the president that Zhang Liang would be born in another year and harm the world. Because of this, we were ordered to come forward to investigate this matter! "
Astronomical cases … Bai Meng was surprised again. Breathing in a gasp, he said, "Is the Celestial Sect still in the Antarctic Wonderland? I have never heard of it. I thought they had been lost! "
Tianxiangzong is the Taoist tradition handed down by real people at the beginning of the text. At the beginning of this article, the real person was originally a doctor in the astronomical pavilion of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty who was responsible for observing the astronomical phenomena for the Zhou Emperor. Later, he was accepted by Lao Tzu as a disciple and the only disciple of Lao Tzu, and by the time Zhou Wei died, he had already been immortalized and named as a real person in the beginning of literature.
This man’s position in Taoism is second only to that of the three statues, although he got the Tao late. But after all, it is the only disciple of the moral Buddha who has learned a higher skill than Guang Chengzi and others.
At the beginning of the text, the real person became immortal, and then the moral god gave him a jade book and a golden inscription. Mr.No. Wenshi, as a giant supreme real person, gave the purple hibiscus crown flying green feather robe, the nine-color treasure stick of Moyu Dan furnace and the four Excalibur of Antai, Nishang, Rib and Xuanhuang. Being above the twenty-four heavenly kings and commanding 80,000 immortals, Guangchengzi and other immortals dare not compete with them.
He didn’t pass down the orthodox sects, but only the South China reality, that is, Zhuangzi, who played the role of connecting the preceding with the following.
However, he left the Wen Shi Zhen Jing and the Xi Yu Li and the Tao Te Ching written by Lao Zi. In the Tang Dynasty, Yuan Tiangang got the Xi Yu Li and the Tao Te Ching, while Li Chunfeng got the Wen Shi Zhen Jing, which created a vein of astronomical phenomena.
This pulse is the strangest. Instead of the fairyland in the mountains, they went to the Antarctic snowy ice sheet, creating an Antarctic fairyland in that big storm, with Xi Yu Li and Tao Te Ching written by Lao Zi as the essence of heaven and earth.
It can be said that this vein is the real Taoist orthodoxy, and the remaining Taoist schools have only learned a little mystery from the Tao Te Ching, which is not an authentic door at all.
Bai Meng is a powerful figure in the domestic fix-up world. He usually chats with some experts and once talked about this celestial Sect, but they all thought it was extinct. Even when Tianlongzi said Song Shenzong, he couldn’t see anyone.
Unexpectedly, Bai Meng couldn’t help sighing and saying to Li Yundao, "Don’t worry about this matter. On the third day of March, all the elders of various factions will come to my fairyland in Zi Xia. I will discuss with the elders of various factions that you will not be allowed to intervene."
Li Yunze said, "To tell you the truth, we searched the Ganquan Mountain for more than ten days, and Fiona Fang Sanli was no longer inhabited. Every night, it was so haunted. The president is very tight on this matter. If you don’t intervene again, we will have to do it ourselves. Then I hope the patriarch will not accuse us of Taijitang’s involvement in the matter of fixing the truth! "
Bai Meng listened to Liu Yun’s words very softly, but it was a real demonstration, but he knew that Liu Yun had never seen the interests of Zhang Bao, but he had seen them before and said that he would deal with them, but he didn’t expect Zhang Bao to come out.
If Zhang Baozhen comes out, haha, this thing will be busy. Then you can’t charge in front anyway, or you will be caught by that yellow hand. It’s really hopeless in my life.
Sneer at a track: "Taijitang is powerful. I know how powerful the red-violet cult was in those days, but you killed it. If you ask me, we will intervene as soon as possible. If we can’t handle it, we will inform you quickly! "
Liu Yun suddenly became polite and wry smile way: "Taijitang’s strength may be better than any one of the four schools, but if the whole fix true boundary can’t handle it, then we can’t handle it. Therefore, the patriarch should contact the elders of various factions, Qi Xin, to handle this matter together. Even if you don’t want to work for the government, you should work for the country and the people once! "
Bai Meng primly said, "It’s an obligatory thing. Go back and tell the president that it’s no good for us to have a chaotic world. We’ll do our best!"
Liu Yun said with a smile, "Then I’ll go back to the Ministry of Security by bothering the patriarch to make arrangements about it. As for the seven evil spirits, he has done well in the past two years. As long as we keep looking at it this way, we will also delete the seven evil spirits from the magic forces under the supervision of the patriarch! "
Bai Meng coldly swept away and smiled slightly. Heavy voice drink a way: "then don’t send!"
Liu Yun left Bai Meng behind Wang Bingang’s back, so he couldn’t sit still. This treasure is finally coming out. It’s a godsend!
If this world is not chaotic, where can there be a chance for Zi Xia Wonderland to soar upwards? What is called a hero in troubled times!
Whatever it is, I immediately flew to Ganquan Mountain with a green fly and looked at it. Sure enough, hundreds of cracks have been cracked in the mountain of Ganquan, and countless black winds and ghosts can’t help but whisper: What is this treasure doing? Have you made such a big noise?
He knows his ability to subdue demons. It is not as good as the two old monks who were killed by Zhang Bao in those years. This matter can only be considered in the long run and cannot be acted rashly.
He is worried about what excuse he will use to start a big storm after the Huangshan Mountain incident. Now the strength of the two sects of Magic Road and Taoism is still very strong. It is impossible to gain benefits from these sects without thinking about something to weaken them.
It’s been a year and a half since this treasure happened. It’s finally going to explode again. If the disciple of the celestial Sect is right, hehe, it will still be a year later. Right after the Huangshan event.
Back to the purple palace, I suddenly don’t know why I feel deserted. It turned out that he sat down and five disciples each had something important to do. On weekdays, only Tianlongzi and Tiandanzi were busy in one of them dealing with internal affairs and concentrating on refining equipment.
It’s not as lively as the Purple Palace Temple. Bai Meng spends her days in the Tibetan Scripture Hall. She is used to living alone with Violet for more than ten years, and there are three young girls in this Tibetan Scripture Hall who can pour tea and water for herself.
Anyway, if I want to consult with Huang Yue, I won’t ask someone to invite her. I will fly straight to Guanghan Temple on my own.
Many scattered small Lingshan mountains are the most lively in this Guanghan Temple, and all of them are beautiful girls. Bai Meng’s practice is getting deeper and deeper, as long as he doesn’t accept the soul of the sun, he is very weak, but after all, he is happy to see the beauty.
If one day he doesn’t even have the heart to admire beauty, it will be a great fairy.
Huang Yuezheng and his young disciples learned the Luna Sanjing, which is four or five points different from the Moon Magic Fan Zhuan. The foundation is pure, but the Xuantong used in the six-point magic four-way road is still overbearing and dangerous, but the mental method has changed greatly.
They can only learn from scratch, but fortunately, most of them learn quickly. If they really want to turn that evil demon into anger, it will take another hundred years of hard work.
Among the many methods of magic teaching, Moon Magic and efreet are actually the most moderate, but not the most magical methods, such as Blood Nerve, Yin Devil’s Basket and sexy devil’s Mystery Classic, which have been lost for a long time, are the most fierce.
In fact, although the mind method of "Blood Nerve" is extremely effective and more powerful than "Sun, Moon and Star Magic Scripture", it is too dangerous and vicious after all. It is very remarkable that one thousand people can finally become a demon and enter Kunlun wonderland.
Over time, the number of people who practice these methods gradually decreases, and occasionally one or two people can appear, but it is not a climate. Although the two veins of Moon Magic and efreet are the foundation and source of magic teaching methods, they still learn from the Moon Book of Nu Wa Huang and the Fire Book of Suiren, and as long as there is a good chance, there are still five or six people who become demons.
Therefore, after a long time, all the demons in the world are basically disciples of these two veins, and there is also a vein in southern Xinjiang. There are twelve small magic veins left, which can’t be underestimated and can’t become a big climate.
Both Ahearn and silver moon have changed their bodies and returned to youth. They look only 2045 years old. The whole person looks much younger when the body changes its mood.
When they saw Bai Meng coming, they hurried up and took twenty-four disciples to meet the Red Crescent. When they saw that it was no longer Bai Meng, they asked, "What’s the matter, hasn’t the Red Crescent been able to digest all the magical power of Dan medicine?"
Huang Yue nodded slightly and said, "That’s four or five days!"
Bai Meng: Oh, a smile on his face. Only when Red Crescent returns to Zi Xia Wonderland, there are six people who are in the early stage of Du Jie, which is quite powerful.
"I wonder if it’s important for the patriarch to visit himself?" Seeing Bai Meng, Huang Yue rarely goes out of the Tibetan Scripture Hall. Occasionally, he wants to find himself. It is also a bit confusing for the second generation of disciples to call himself in person today.
Seeing that Huang Yue’s eyes were a little strange, Bai Meng clear voice smiled and said, "My purple palace is too deserted to come and have fun. Don’t be too shocked!"
Huang Yue breathed a sigh of relief secretly, but she also understood that Bai Meng could not come in person for no reason, so she bowed down and said, "Then please go to the Guanghan Temple to have a chat!"
"Please!" Bai Meng took the lead in stepping into the Guanghan Hall with a low drink.
The style of this Guanghan Temple is not as majestic as that of the Purple Palace Temple, nor is it as kind as the Earth Temple, nor is it as strict as that of the Star Temple, but it is ethereal and elegant, and the jade bead curtain is full of green silk yarn, which is indeed a good place for women to cultivate their morality and raise their heart.