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"The white tiger’s wind cuts the heavens and the earth, and the only thing you have to do is to resist his strong wind counterattack, and the rest is not dangerous," Suzaku’s voice continued.

"Their progress is not as good as yours, so I’m relieved," Suzaku said, and the picture in front of them turned and they returned to the world full of fire in an instant.
"You burn the heavens and destroy the boundaries and practice hard. We must make sure to force the three of them," said Firebird, turning into a woman again.
"I watched a circle in a daze, and as you just said, I can be the first." Haikui was a little depressed. As for the magic power of Qinglong, Xuanwu and Baihu, Haikui hasn’t appreciated it yet.
"As I said, * * of ten," Suzaku said with absolute certainty.
"Well, I’ll do as you say," Haikui said. What else can he say? On somebody else’s territory, he can only do as they say, and he can only compete as Suzaku said, otherwise he can’t leave here.
Haikui suddenly thought that this level would leave a person dead. He asked, "Suzaku, can you tell me what the next level is?"
"Next level," Suzaku woman frowned slightly.
Haikui’s heart thumped,
"The next level is the fifth level, but only one person can pass," Suzaku said slowly.
"Isn’t this the elimination system? Why is there only one person left in the next level? It’s not the nine levels altogether?" According to Hai Kui’s normal idea, four people in this level become three, and three people in the next level become two, and then two people become one. If this is eliminated, one person will be left in the eighth level, and then pass the inheritance test. By reaching the ninth level, all the inheritance of the owners here will be obtained.
This is what Haikui has been thinking, and people with normal thinking will think so, so that the nine customs will be in good counterpoint.
But now Suzaku says that three people will directly eliminate two in the next level, that is, only one person will enter the sixth level, and then face the sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth level alone, and it will take another four-level test to end.
Haikui thought for a long time, and finally asked himself, "Do you have a choice?" With a sigh, "I have no choice."
Suzaku shook his head and said, "I told you, the owner here is going to choose the inheritor of the mantle, so there can only be one person. The first few customs are to leave the best one, and the last few customs are to test whether he is a qualified inheritor. If not, even the one left can’t pass the customs. We will wait here until the right person appears."
"What’s the next level?" Haikui asked in a heavy voice.
"The next level is Heaven and Earth Man, and the three winners from this level will win the title of Heaven and Earth Man. Heaven wins, the earth sinks here, and man is reincarnated between heaven and earth," Suzaku said with a glance.
"I know, I will practice burning the sky and destroying the boundary," said Haikui seriously in his eyes.
Rosefinch looked at Haikui suddenly with serious eyes and nodded. "Well, I really hope you can get the mantle of the owner here, which will be of great help to your cultivation. Maybe when you leave here, you can cultivate by going up one flight of stairs."
Haikui smiled again. "Then borrow the good words from Suzaku."
Suzaku asked Haikui to meditate and then left, and Haikui began to focus all his attention on burning the sky and destroying the boundary, getting familiar with the spell.
What he has to do now is to condense the fire element under any circumstances, and then produce the fire element all the time, condense and gather it into fire essence stone, and then let the fire essence stone explode and split, so as to achieve the effect of burning the sky and destroying the boundary.
Haikui knew that only the more condensed fire elements, the greater the fire essence Yue Shi, the greater the power, and the greater the possibility of his victory.
The only thing that Haikui can’t do now is to condense a larger fire essence stone. When the size of the fire essence reaches a certain level, if he continues to condense, he feels that the fire essence stone will no longer be under his control, and the intense high temperature will sting him, and the flame on the fire essence stone will be completely out of his command, even if he has the mark of fire, it is useless.
Haikui knows that this is a lack of self-cultivation. When the power of fire reaches a certain level, he does not recognize Haikui who is now cultivating.
This is the bottleneck of Haikui at present.
Try again and again, so, when the power is about to get out of Haikui’s control, he can only stop.
I don’t know how long it will take before Suzaku says three months, but Haikui knows that he has wasted too much time on this issue.
He must try to control the fire essence and make it bigger.
When he condensed the flint stone again, Haikui made a bold attempt, first condensing the size of a small apple, and then continuing to condense the second one, so that as long as the two don’t merge, they won’t get out of his control.
When the second small apple-sized flint floated not far from Haikui, Haikui suddenly felt that his method was really feasible. In this case, the flint would not be out of his control, but its power was one plus one equals two.
He began to gather the third, fourth, fifth and sixth with joy, and he found that he could only control six for the time being. Nevertheless, Haikui knew that as long as these six exploded at the same time, the power was absolutely shocking.
"How did you think of that?" Suzaku’s voice appeared again. "You really have a high understanding. I really didn’t misjudge you."
Suzaku’s voice was a little excited, and Haikui turned to see that Suzaku taxiing woman was standing not far from him.
"I still can’t fuse fire essence as much as you do. I’m afraid your fire essence is powerful enough to pacify several planets," Haikui said, looking at six fire essence stones one size smaller than his fist in front of him.
"How long did I practice, and how long did you practice?" Suzaku laughed. "But one day, you will surpass me."
Haikui raised his eyebrows slightly, with a smile on his face. "Why do you think so?"
"Did you come here today to tell me that it’s three months’ time and the four of us are going to have a competition?" Haikui looked at Suzaku and asked.
Rosefinch primly said, "Yes,"
"Sure enough, I feel so fast. I didn’t expect three months to arrive so soon," Haikui suddenly seemed a little nervous.
Although it is a competition, it is a matter of life and death after all.
Suzaku looked at Haikui and said, "Wait a minute, White Tiger, Qinglong and Xuanwu, the four of us will work together to open a glimmer of enchantment, and the four of you will enter, and then start a competition. Whoever competes with whom first will see luck."
Chapter 376 title
"You mean you send it to a place for me later. Then there will be a random opponent. " Haikui asked.
Suzaku nodded. "Yes. Compared with the two of you. For example, you compare with Qinglong’s first. The ratio between Xuanwu and White Tiger. Then switch. You are better than the white tiger. Qinglong and Xuanwu. Then you and Xuanwu. Green dragon and white tiger. This way. We just want one winner. Just to verify who is the most powerful spell. "
Haikui nodded. "All right. I see. "
Rosefinch hands up. "Are you ready? We set off. "
Suzaku waved. Four pillars of fire rose into the sky. Into four flying giant birds. A bird full of flames.
Four firebirds circled each other. The long firebird tail brings out a huge whirlpool. There was a terrible smell in the whirlpool.
"Go ahead. It’s inside. " Rosefinch said a finger.
Haikui glanced at the whirlpool. It’s like a big mouth that is addicted to people. Back to the rosefinch nodded his head. Haikui stepped into the whirlpool.