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In the middle of the night, tenderness escaped from his body and he was sore all over. He bowed his head and shone a little light on the bed through the floor lamp. Finally, she looked at the bed with her neck in her hand and the scarlet could not help but frown.

Tengyun also sat up, showing most of the strong back, looking at her delicate eyebrows, feeling a little tired and curious, and then following her line of sight to look-
"I hope I didn’t leave you any bad impression." He suddenly approached and gently hugged her from behind her and put her in her gentle neck.
Gentle and ashamed, with his head down, he was going to torture her to death this night. After that, he rested for five minutes, but he didn’t let her be idle at all.
After a minute …
She got up early in the morning quietly and wanted to take the sheets out from under him to wash them.
It’s nothing to watch tonight, anyway, I know what’s going on, but it’s a little different at dawn.
Her face was on fire, and he didn’t sleep for long until after three in the morning.
Don’t ask her why she feels so early. She wants to say it hurts.
It hurts. She can’t sleep.
Said it would be gentle, but it almost killed her
Teng Yun frowned slightly because he felt uncomfortable. When he turned around, he looked at the gentle bending over the bed and holding most of the sheets in his arms. What are you doing?
Gentle couldn’t help looking up at him when he heard the sound and then froze.
After being dragged and dragged by him, he controlled himself in bed. Be a good boy and have a good sleep. He won’t go to work today.
Then I kissed her on the face and continued to sleep with my eyes closed.
Gentle but unable to sleep, now that the sheets are in a mess, she can’t sleep. She can’t wait to take a pair of scissors to cut off that red stain and wash it, or just throw it in the trash can.
After listening to his even breathing and feeling the temperature in his chest, she couldn’t help turning to see him. He slept so gently that he suddenly couldn’t bear to move again.
Even if he is so tired now, it is because he messed with her last night, but at this moment, she just can’t help but feel distressed.
So I don’t know what time it is. She fell asleep in his arms.
I don’t know what time it is. He said there was a meeting later. You should rest at home today and I’ll go by myself.
"Take care of my diligence!" Muttered softly and went back to sleep.
You are too cruel to drift snow Teng.
Manager Teng, isn’t it all your fault?
Tenderness really blames old Piao. Why don’t you let him eat earlier?
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☆ 62 Teng is always too insidious.
Boss Teng couldn’t help laughing and left after kissing her rosy little face.
I can never forget her diligence.
Teng Yun was blocked by Han Xi when he got to the office. You must thank me well. Yesterday, Su Jin almost hit your new house. I forced him to stop him.
Teng Yun frowned slightly, but I didn’t expect Su Jin to be so cheeky, but I still smiled a little.
So happy?
Section 43
Han Xi couldn’t help looking at him in surprise. When was Boss Teng so accommodating?
Besides, it’s a credit. Shouldn’t Boss Teng fight back whenever he is asked for credit?
Is it that you promised to come this time-
"Are you sure it wasn’t the first time last night?" Han Xixi wants to think that’s right.
Tengyun stared at him. You’re the bad COP at this meeting today. Hold those old things for me.
Han Xi didn’t expect him to change the subject suddenly, but when it comes to business, he immediately became serious.
Boss Teng is laughing in his heart. Are you fighting with me? Be tender.
It’s past noon after I woke up gently and thoroughly, and after a few rolls in the bed, I rolled over and looked at the messy bed. How many condoms were torn last night?
She was counting carefully. She thought she could count clearly, but then-
It’s incredible to look at those condoms when the petite body crawled out of bed and squatted on the carpet without wearing anything.
Last night, she was coaxed seven times by him, but she still remembers asking him seven times if he was wearing a condom. He said he was wearing it and asked her if she couldn’t feel it.
She also said that she felt it when he joked that he was not sensitive enough.
But when she picked up two condoms and looked at them, she was surprised to find that the condoms were clean and there was nothing. Is this like being pulled a few times?
Gentle and fearful, sitting on the ground with a star in front of me.
Teng Yun is still having dinner with several bosses. When talking about women, several men have a disgusting look in their eyes.
Teng Yun doesn’t respond when drinking, but Han Xi sometimes says a word or two.
Teng Yun was stopped by a soft voice when he went to wash his hands.
He turned his head slightly and saw a little woman who was not familiar with him coming towards him in the long corridor. The girl was very iconic and dressed like a big lady.
"Who is this young lady?"
"Yu Yuying, my father is Yu Cheng, and I just came back from abroad."
Teng Yun holds his head slightly and Yu Cheng is also a big shot in this city. He nodded and wondered what Miss Yu was looking for.