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Opinions vary, and for a time, the common name "Stone" was relished by practitioners in Kyushu.

Zhuge didn’t listen to the second middle school, but he didn’t take it seriously. He’s in no hurry now, walking south, enjoying the waters of Qian Shan and realizing his own realm.
Two months have passed, and the storm in the land of secrets has gradually subsided. However, after that, another shocking news came out. Bai Yu, a generation of wizards in Tianchi, went through the customs, and his realm was comparable to that of the gods, becoming the youngest strong man in Kyushu.
As soon as Bai Yu went through the customs, he got the news that the snow had fallen. After that, he sent word that he must find this man named Stone and chop him to pieces.
At that time, the name of the stone was spread again.
"Bai Yu broke through the deification period." Zhuge Liang sat in a teahouse, listening to the buzz around him, and frowned.
This is not good news. He has a hunch that there is bound to be a enter the dragon with this generation of Tianjiao in Tianchi in the future. At present, the most important thing is to improve his self-cultivation, and achieve the cultivation in the deification period one day earlier. At that time, the sky is big, and no one can bind him again.
"Did you hear that the top ten list of young masters in Kyushu has been updated?" A young practitioner nearby said.
"Hey, now that the world is in turmoil, the strong are coming forth in large numbers, and they are no longer as calm as before. The rankings of these top ten masters are also unreliable."
"That is, there are many people in Kyushu who are crouching tiger, but they can’t rank in the top ten masters."
"In other words, who is the first person in the top ten masters list?"
"Of course, it is Bai Yu, the first master of deification in the younger generation."
"I heard that the mysterious young man named Stone has also squeezed into the tenth place in the top ten masters list, replacing the status of the demon prince."
"Stone? That’s the mysterious young man who killed Snow Maiden. Didn’t he say that even Beargguy and Kirin were defeated by him? How can you only condescend to the tenth place? "
"The reason for this is not clear in one sentence or two. I heard that the reason why the stone defeated Beargguy and several leading figures in Qilin was entirely by luck."
"Top Ten Masters" Zhuge Liang shook his head, got up and left the teahouse. This ranking is quite unreliable, and it is extremely watery and has no credibility.
Chapter 345 The magic body
"Two years!" Zhuge stood in the void, looking down at the mountains and rivers below, and suddenly an idea popped up in his heart. He decided to retreat for two years, and he already had a good place in his heart. Two years of retreat in that place should be enough for him to break the cultivation of God. )
The little sword spirit was summoned by Zhuge Liang, and the little guy floated beside Zhuge Liang, with a blue head as long as a waterfall, blinking his big eyes and looking at him.
"Little fellow, let’s go to your hometown." Zhuge said suddenly before dawn.
Xiao Jian Ling blinked in confusion and said, "Where are you going?"
"Fengman Mountain!" Zhuge is not bright.
Seven days later, Zhuge Buliang came to Fengman Mountain again. After more than 20 years, Fengman Mountain didn’t seem to change much, but it was more popular. Many third-rate factions have taken root here.
Zhuge did not disturb them when he was not bright. According to the original memory, he came to Wanyin Valley. The secret of being buried under Fengman Mountain for tens of thousands of years has been revealed, but Wanyin Valley is still a Jedi of Fengman Mountain, and no practitioners have set foot here on weekdays.
"whoa whoa whoa"
A creepy baby crying sounded, and a large area of black gas was transpiration. This bitter scream was scalp-numbing, like falling in icehouse.
Behind Zhuge Buliang, in a thick black fog, a fist-sized baby’s head stepped out, his forehead was covered with many bloodshot eyes, and his eyes shot two yoshimitsu, staring straight at Zhuge Buliang and Xiaojianling.
"It’s a bad baby!" Zhuge picked his eyebrows when he was not bright. He had seen this ghost twenty years ago, and I had met this ghost when I was wandering in Wanyin Valley with Little demon fairy.
Small sword spirit curious agent small head, looked at the evil baby in the black fog. After a deep sleep, Xiaojianling seems to have grown up a little, and is not as shy as before.
"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" The evil baby in the black fog stared at Zhuge Buliang and Xiaojianling, giving a creepy cry.
"squeak!" The little sword spirit is not afraid, but makes a grin at the evil baby.
Zhuge smiled and wiped the little guy’s head, glanced at the evil baby coldly, his eyes turned strangely and he was dead. He shouted, "Get out!"
"Whoa, whoa, whoa!"
When he came into contact with Zhuge’s dim and dead eyes, the evil baby seemed to feel a great panic and quickly retreated, taking away a large piece of black fog.
Zhuge walked in the valley of Wanyin without light, looking for the way into the underground world. On the way, he saw the original Thoreau fruit tree again. The trunk is as vigorous as a dragon, rooted at the edge of the pool, but there is no fruit on the tree.
Had been picked clean by demon fairy Jr. and himself.
Besides, there was another fierce beast guarding Thoreau’s fruit tree. Zhuge didn’t disturb the fierce beast at dawn, but bypassed it.
A few hours later, Zhuge Liang finally found the canyon leading to the lost city of God. Outside the canyon, the bloody ban still exists. And in addition, the strong factions in Kyushu have added a ban on the outside.
It took Zhuge three days and three nights before dawn, and finally he found a crack. Relying on the degree of Purple Moon suit, he took a small sword spirit through the ban and entered the canyon.
This underground world is still intact and has not changed much. Zhuge went to the lost city before dawn, and the city was a mess, full of ruins. All the buildings in the city collapsed.