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So, it is conceivable that this Dan medicine is so precious. According to the information read above, this Dan medicine is still the last land god in the Qin Dynasty, who studied it himself after he got too much Long Dan, and it is the only Dan medicine among hundreds of millions of constant sands.

Although I don’t know if the dragon has got the information, there is already a pill that can keep the mind, and can keep the mind after swallowing Long Dan. If the dragon knows that there is such a Dan medicine, it will definitely not be allowed to circulate in the world with too much Long Dan. It will inevitably use all means to collect all the too much Long Dan, and it will also refine the monks who are too protective of the heart to arrest them.
At this time, although I don’t know what the previous one in the Qin Dynasty is now, I don’t know what it is like to be too protective of my heart. Since you can protect your mind, although you don’t know whether it is true or not, as long as you have this possibility, you will naturally study it.
If you can really rely on this Dan medicine, keep your mind, and you can not lose your mind in countless cycles, it will be too expensive for Long Dan to take advantage of the golden carp. Holding a small jade bottle in his hand and looking at the lotus pond with his eyes, there are countless thoughts turning in an empty and bright heart, and all kinds of ideas come out in an instant and keep rolling in his heart.
With the appearance of Taishang Heart-protecting Pill, the future fate of Golden Carp has also been clearly decided by Kongming. Soon after, when Kongming passed the century-old disaster, it will naturally be the moment to decide the future of Golden Carp.
A moment later, I looked at the golden carp in the lotus pond again, waved a colorful light and flew into the body of the golden carp, making the golden carp lie at the bottom of the lotus pond in an instant, without any movement.
The palm of your hand took back the small jade bottle, and the empty Ming continued to put the jade bottle in the sleeve, turning various thoughts in your heart, and countless plans gradually took shape. Put away the small jade bottle loaded with Taishang Heart Protection Dan, and Kongming continued to rummage through the treasures in his sleeve.
Among the 50 treasures, there are two flowers and plants, both of which need to be planted, which naturally takes a long time. Now they can only be put in their sleeves, and then they will be planted and cultivated after a hundred years of disaster.
And the seven seeds, these seven seeds are real seeds, look at the flashing light above, you will know that four of them are even better than Bai Lianhua in the lotus pond, and the remaining three are comparable to Bai Lianhua.
Put all the seeds away. There is no time to plant these seven seeds. We have to wait until we have survived the catastrophe, and perhaps it will take several hundred years of catastrophe before we can plant the seven seeds effectively.
After all, these seven seeds are the best treasures in their own small world. Bai Lianhua is in the same breath. It is normal to plant them for hundreds of thousands of years. If you really want to plant them for decades, it will be effective. That’s too false. The flashing treasure light on them must be deceptive.
These seven seeds are put together with those two flowers and plants, so that they can be planted together when the time comes.
Among the rest of the treasures, the most peculiar thing is the black wood. After the banned light was removed from this black wood, it was thought that this fast wood was a good magic weapon, even if it was not a magic weapon, it would be a very good material. But when the banned light wrapped around it dissipated, it was discovered that it didn’t work.
According to the information transmitted from the avatar, this piece of wood is a rotten piece of wood on the side of the road, which has no function and no power at all. It is purely a wood.
But for the first time, Kongming no longer believed in the information sent back by Chazhi Avatar. In Kongming’s eyes, he could see a bright treasure light on the wood, which was almost the same as the light on the fast armor Aoki stalactite jade.
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Chapter sixty-one Check the last six treasures
Chapter sixty-one Check the last six treasures
Seeing that the information learned by Chazhi Avatar is different from the information learned by the Avatar in his eyes, it is clear that this piece of wood has some kind of power and can interfere with his own Avatar. (Vertex novel, hand-written novel)
There are countless thoughts turning in my heart, calculating for half a ring, and then running many magical powers. Empty Ming just knows that this fast wood is not a treasure, just a simple piece of wood, which is a very special material.
It was still unclear when the time was occupied. Empty Ming had to put this piece of wood in the sleeve and wait for his strength to reach. Now he can only put it aside and put it in the sleeve.
Put away the black wood, and put five round eggs in front of me again. I don’t know who gave birth to these five eggs. In the empty eyes, there is a strong blood gas rolling from the eggs, and a desolate breath turns around the five eggs.
Blink, these five eggs are together at a glance, that is to say, these five eggs are all of the same kind, maybe they are the kind of five cells with the same mind, with strange powers.
Looking at these five eggs everywhere, the empty Ming and all kinds of magical powers are working. You can tell at a glance that these five eggs have been kept warm for many years, and they should have been born long ago, but now they are still in the eggs. Someone must have done something with their magical powers.
At this time, it fell into the empty hands, but it was the creatures in these five eggs that came out. Careful calculation of the light information on these five eggs, as well as the blood gas of the earth, the more earth the blood gas, the better the egg, and the stronger the creatures inside.
Countless thoughts turn in my heart, and I look at the five eggs in front of me, which are almost half a person’s height. For a while, the empty heart is full of information and data, and all aspects are calculated.
A month later, Kongming finally figured out the time needed to hatch these five eggs. According to Kong Ming’s calculation, it will take five years to hatch these five eggs.
If you count on your fingers, you will only have nine years at most. If you hatch five eggs wholeheartedly for five years, there will be only four years left. This four-year practice is definitely not enough. Even if you practice all nine years, there is no guarantee that you will be able to spend it safely under the catastrophe of one hundred years.
So, in an instant, the empty Ming made up his mind, and countless plans in his heart suddenly disappeared, leaving only the attention just set and the calculations related to this attention.
After setting the attention in my heart, Kong Ming immediately put down his concern about the five eggs. With a wave of his big sleeve, the five eggs flew to the lotus pond, and in a moment, they sank to the bottom of the lotus pond.
Empty Ming is ready to lotus pond water to wash away the five eggs contaminated by a different ban, these bans are hidden, it must be the original owner wants to do something, so we will arrange a ban on the eggs, which makes the five eggs unable to hatch up to now.
Moreover, there are many filthy qi on the five eggs. These filthy qi are empty and I don’t know how these five eggs are contaminated. Although it is not very serious, if these filthy qi are not eliminated now, when the creatures in the five eggs come out, they will inevitably absorb the many filthy qi. The final result is that when the creatures in the five eggs are born, they are cruel and belong to the irrational and crazy Warcraft.
In this way, Empty Ming naturally won’t let the creatures in the five eggs come out to be the irrational Warcraft, so we will put the five eggs in the lotus pond, just to let the water blowing in the lotus pond purify the five eggs and wash off the foul air on them.
Placed five eggs, the heart also has the processing method for the five eggs, empty Ming turned to look at other treasures again, these treasures, the six is almost the same as the stone statue he took away from the shop owner, these statues made of various materials, are all the same.
Holding a stone statue that came back with the last information of the shopkeeper because the shopkeeper was dead, I looked at these treasures that had dispersed the banned light. These treasures looked exactly the same as the stone statues in my hands at this time, and all of them were without any power.
This time, all the supernatural powers of the empty Ming Dynasty were used, and the same results were obtained. All the seven gods were mundane, except for the mysterious breath that occasionally emanated from them, which indicated that the seven gods were unusual, and there was nothing else.
Over and over again, I used the magical powers to check all seven statues. In the end, I found nothing but put them away, and once again I remembered the information transmitted by the store owner.
Although the information transmitted by the store owner has been analyzed and read, it is only known that the store owner was killed by an enemy, and the information of the enemy was left in this information, but in the end, it only shows that this stone statue has a certain role and is a very valuable thing.
As for how precious it is and how it works, I haven’t said a word. Up to now, Empty Ming still has to spend his own brains to figure out what role the stone statue has, and why the shop owner no longer says it in the information transmitted.