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Whether voluntarily or not, whether he loves Su Dye Pupil or not, he doesn’t allow Su Dye Pupil to be with others.

Because Su Dye Pupil is also a cloud drunk, his beloved modern cloud drunk.
He doesn’t allow Hyundai Yun to get drunk, and now his body is dyed by Su Yan, and he marries another man. What if Hyundai Yun wakes up drunk one day?
These Tianchi fans have been staring blankly in the room waiting for news, but the news made him unable to stare blankly any more.
When I was out of Wangfuchi, I didn’t care about my stubble. I haven’t cleaned it for a long time.
The stubble has grown very long, but it looks more mature. His phoenix eyes are deep, the momentum is cold and noble, and he has an evil face. Wearing a black robe doesn’t show that he is Chi Mi! The owner of the palace is a bully, and the color he loves must be unique.
Out of the palace, a man immediately approached the pool, and when he saw the bearer, he stopped.
He is none other than Xiao Tian.
The little sidekick who always takes orders from Yunzui.
"My Lord, I’ve been trying to get in to find you these days, but I can’t get in because of my identity," Xiao Tian said.
If Yunzui hadn’t given it to him, he would have been a flower in Mochi.
It’s a pity that the owner of the polar building can’t get in in name.
Chi Mie sees that Xiao Tian’s face is also indifferent
However, Xiao Tian must be looking for him because he is drunk. He has the patience to wait for him to talk.
Xiao Tian said that sentence, Chi Mi didn’t have a mouth, but waited for him to say it, so he immediately said his question, "You were there when Toffee was bathed in fire that day, but according to you, did you do anything about Toffee these days? I can’t get into the palace. Although it is an intelligence place, I can’t find out anything about it in the DPRK. "
This is also a reason why Hua can hear the news of the court from the ministers, but the ministers were not present that day, and the concubines were present.
And the concubines lived in the palace and knew about the drunken bath that day.
Xiao Tian has been impatient for a long time this month, but he can’t get into Wangfu.
Chi Mi is also strange that he didn’t come out of the palace. When he came out, he looked like this …
"You go to the Buddhist mansion to find the answer. Tell him the king wants you to go." Then Xiao Tian went far by mistake.
Xiao Tian looked at Chi Mi, but he still felt that he should do what Chi Mi said.
147. Chapter 147 Be fascinated by a generation.
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Let Xiao Tian say to the cloud that he asked him to find the cloud, which can prove that Chi Mi feels that he can tell Xiao Tianyun what the cloud needs to worry about.
What Chi Mie has to do now is to go to the palace and discuss with Chi Xuan about going to Hai Guo.
Make kite promise Sue dye pupil things very successful stranger pool countries not many people don’t know.
And Sue dye pupil watching marriage close to her day by day is also very nervous.
I hope she can win the bet, or she will really be the queen of kites.
Although many women want the queen’s position very much, she doesn’t want it very much
Which position does she want?
Lee? Generation is killed by profit! Care about the king? That king is a kite, not a kite.
So she didn’t want the queen’s position.
The palace is already being decorated, but it will take about a month to get married from Mochi country to Haiguo. Now, although it is a little early to decorate, it will not be in a hurry, so you can prepare slowly.
After the news of kite was sent out, the countries of Shanghai also boiled, and it was not just the countries of devoted pool.
It’s a Chinese. It’s strange that Ningxi didn’t refuse.
However, the great deeds made by the overseas countries over the years have made them believe that they will not be right with the meaning of the night.
Tailored Su Dye Pupil, but just after going out, the kite approached Su Dye Pupil Room.
"Are you in the mood to go out and enjoy the snow today?" Just ask the kite to come. Tell Su Dye Pupil not to be so unhappy.
Smell speech Sue dyed pupil shape slightly and then looked in to make the kite.
He’s still a woman in a silver robe with half a face and a mask.
"Do you know me, Ling Yuan?" Although we have been together for almost two months, does your kite still know her?
The former dialogue department is full of people who don’t want her to leave.
Su Dye Pupil’s digression made Kite know that she didn’t want to go out to enjoy the snow. It wasn’t interesting to talk about it just now, but said, "We can learn more about it later."
Smell words, Su dyed the pupil, but silence made the kite like this. Does he really want to be with her?
But her heart is not here.
"Is it too abrupt to marry me before you know it?"
Make the kite immediately veto saying, "Even if Pupil is abrupt, I have already told Heaven that I must marry you to the end."
Otherwise, it is a promise.
Su Rantong couldn’t help but say with shame, "Then tell me what kind of person I am?"
It is very interesting for kite to say what kind of person Su Ran pupil is.
"Gentle, virtuous and considerate …" The kite answered slowly.
At that time, when I met Su Dye Pupil for the first time, I immediately said that there was little dialogue, but he felt that Su Dye Pupil was considerate, gentle and virtuous.
At that time, she said that when she fell asleep, it wouldn’t hurt. At that time, he seemed to be possessed and really obeyed and fell asleep. But when he woke up, he couldn’t see Su Ran’s figure and the desert disappeared with him. This was the reason why he later struggled to take root in other countries and find people.
It’s been said since ancient times that beauty is a disaster, isn’t it?
But kite is happy to be confused by such a disaster. He likes to be fascinated, and so does the generation.
14 Chapter 14 Different from ordinary people
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Su Dye Pupil felt that the kite was completely wrong and was about to refute a sarcastic voice when she cut in. "If she was gentle and considerate, she wouldn’t be here."
Wen Yan Su dyed the pupil and made the kite look in the direction of the source. Who is it?
"If I’m not here, where will I be?" Sue dyed the pupil and didn’t have much affection for the sunset.
"If you are considerate, you won’t let the kite coax your heart every day," she replied coldly. "If you are virtuous, you won’t want to be a queen, but a princess, so that the queen can give it to her daughter to get the minister’s heartfelt thanks. Because their daughter is a queen, can you not be loyal? And gentleness, if you are gentle, how can you be so small to save you at that time? "
How can a gentle man defeat the wolf and save the kite?
The kite couldn’t help staring blankly for a while. Yeah, he didn’t even think about these problems, but he pointed them out at night.
Sue dyed the pupil can’t help but look at the sunset.
The evening is not only beautiful but also particularly domineering. She has been in power for many years and will not be without courage.
"Very well said. At that time, I was young but not equal to the weak. I studied martial arts when I was a child. Now maybe I am not a person who only has martial arts." Su Ran said that he was very confident but not as sharp as modern Yunzui.