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Speaking of all this, the curse is caused by the fact that the duke has returned to the crane and returned to Hong. In the past few days, the changes in the city have witnessed the death of the crane and the whole person has been depressed, but it is better to communicate than before.

The three of them had a talk. Although the heart-eating vine was dead, the source of the heart-eating vine was still different. It was so strange that an evil spirit that had been sealed for thousands of years appeared. Who sealed it? Is it like entering the maple city again? These are all problems.
High-ranking monks have a spell to see the scene of the deceased by the relics of the deceased. Maybe they can find some clues from the scene of Dong Sheng by the relics of Dong Sheng. Qingfeng asked if Dong Sheng had left any relics before his burial, but he didn’t notice it, so he said to go back and ask the person in charge of the burial.
After returning to the office, someone came to report that a letter had been sent by the Seven Star Sect. Guihong heard that his eyes flashed towards the wind and urged the snow. Qingfeng said, "Someone should be sent from the door to repair the town demon. I’ll write back."
Guihong’s subtle expression didn’t escape Qingfeng’s eyes. After Guihong gradually drifted away, Qingfeng’s eyes flashed with a thoughtful look.
Half an hour later, the person in charge of the burial sent everything. When the later generations moved the body, they found a few copper coins that were too unlucky to throw away, and they were quickly found back at the request of Qingfeng.
Those old copper coins are covered with dirty faces and stained with blood, and the edges and corners are worn smoothly.
Qingfeng put the copper coins in the mouth of the table with one finger pinched and closed, and the mantra was filled with aura and remitted to the fingertips.
The mantra reads Bi Qingfeng’s two directions, and the copper coin aura comes from the copper coin generate. The scene that lingers around the two people like fragments gathers and recombines like a broken mirror to form another scene.
The wind urged the snow to be surprised and curious to see the surrounding scene.
The night is dark, the oil lamp on the table is full of oil, and a little bit of oil in the oil lamp supports the unlit lights.
Dong Sheng was wrapped in a bed and creaked. A door opened, and the autumn cold wind came in with the tall and thin man’s slight bow and shadow. The lights lingered and swayed, and the two would be extinguished.
The man has a hunchback, although he is tall, he still shows a little shrinking and emaciated. He looks at the eyes and sleeps in the bed, and turns back softly. The door lock always collides with the money and makes a slight sound.
"This is Meng Dalang?" The wind urged the snow to go to the front of the man and waved his hand in front of the man. The man turned around and walked through the wind urged the snow, and his body passed through the palm of his hand.
"He can’t see us," explained the Qingfeng-Fengcuixue. "This is what the deceased saw before his death."
You have something to say.
Qingfeng, it’s too difficult for me
Chapter 20
Meng Dalang put the money on the table and blew out the oil lamp
The subtle moonlight cast out of the window outlined the thin and tired figure of a man.
Dong Sheng was rolled up from the bed and said coldly, "What did you do?"
Meng Dalang seemed startled and patted his chest. "Haven’t you slept yet?"
Dong Sheng stared at him with gloomy eyes. Meng Dalang picked a hat and smiled at Dong Sheng with a simple and honest smile. "I helped Zhang Bogu build a new house."
After that, Meng Dalang rummaged through the kitchen by moonlight and asked Dong Sheng, "Did you go to help them?"
Meng Dalang said with a smile, "With so many people in Zhang Bo’s family, how dare you eat?"
"There is porridge in the pot" Dong Sheng took a deep breath and closed his eyes coldly.
Meng Dalang lifted the lid of the pot and barely covered the bottom of the pot. Meng Dalang scooped up the porridge and drank it while boasting about filial piety.
Dong Sheng said impatiently, "There is no rice."
Meng Dalang came back with a bowl and pushed the copper coins to Dongsheng’s side while drinking porridge. "I just made a monthly payment to buy rice leftovers. You can buy whatever you want."
Dong Sheng frowned and saw his one eye climb over to see that the money on the table was scattered and half-penetrated. "How can there be so few left?" How can we spend this money for a month? "
Meng Dalang swallowed porridge in his mouth and suddenly became angry. "Who did you give the money to again? Is it Zhang’s family? Or old hemp? !”
"Why do you talk like this?" Meng Dalang tut-tut, like a child who is not sensible, patiently advised Dong Sheng, "Zhang Ge is a father colleague, and a good boy doesn’t respect his elders at all. Don’t yell."
Dong Sheng turned supercilious look and snorted coldly. "If it weren’t for watching you silly, who would care about you? Please hire workers to build a house and give you money, even leaving no food. "
"A meal have what care about you this child …"
Dong Sheng rolled up and was turned to sleep.
Meng Dalang saw Dong Sheng angry and sat by the bed, stroking Dong Sheng’s back with one hand and pulling Dong Sheng’s handle over his head.
Meng Dalang patted Dong Shengtou in stitches. "Don’t be bored. Dad didn’t lend them money."
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"Dad took a job today and bribed half of the money to wait …"
Dong Sheng suddenly put a lid on his head and was pulled to watch Meng Dalang warily. "You don’t have to be cheated again."
"What do you mean, is it that stupid to lie to dad?" Meng Dalang pinched Dong Sheng’s nose. "We will come back in two days, and then we will have money. Dad will build a big house for the baby and make new clothes."
Dong Sheng’s frown is getting tighter and tighter. "What are you going to do?"
"I can’t say," Meng Dalang shook his head, "but Dad can guarantee that when we come back, we will have money. Dad will pay us back the debt and change our homes first."
Dong Sheng felt that Meng Dalang had been cheated. "Who are you going with? Why do you have to pay others? "
"You don’t know so many people who are scrambling to go to Dad to find acquaintances and pay him to help through the back door." Meng Dalang walked over and said, "You can make more friends if you have something to do. You can also make more friends if you have more friends and more roads. Don’t keep a straight face all day …"
"You don’t count-"Dong Sheng’s words were on his lips and his mouth was closed. "Don’t talk to me if you like!"
Meng Dalang looked at Dong Sheng’s back in the dark and sighed with sorrow.
next day
w w w 8
the sun rising in the east—display of youthful vigour and vitality
After Dong Sheng woke up, the room had been cleaned, and there were two steamed buns and half-baked money on the table. Meng Dalang had disappeared.
Dongsheng silently finished eating steamed bread and went out to buy rice with money. Occasionally, neighbors greeted him along the way. He also calmly ignored the rice and came back. Aunt, the neighbor next door, was sweeping the courtyard to see Dongsheng passing by and quickly stopped Dongsheng.
Dong Sheng frowned and looked at the neighbor’s aunt’s hands wiped on the apron and took them out of the henhouse. Two eggs were stuffed into Dong Sheng’s hands and walked over and said, "Take them back and steam them."
Dong Sheng looked at the egg in her arms and looked up at the neighbor’s aunt with a kind smile. Suddenly, a little warmth came out of her heart.
Dong Sheng was silent for a while, a little awkward. "Thank you …"
Neighbor auntie smiled, "Thank you for being a neighbor."
Dong Sheng nodded and turned to go. The neighbor aunt suddenly grabbed his arm and smiled shyly. "When will your father come back?"
Dong Sheng suddenly frowned, and the neighbor’s aunt laughed. "Your father is not your honour. He has a busy job to find …"
"…" Dong Sheng stuffed the eggs back into the neighbor’s aunt’s hand and never went back.
Sunset, the moon rises, and the winter students sit on the threshold and stare at the moon with a grass in their mouth.
After a while, Dongsheng talked again, pulled out the remaining copper coins from his pocket and threw them around to play. The night was getting darker and the autumn wind was getting colder. Dongsheng went back to the house and was rolled up and slept.
After several days, Meng Dalang didn’t come back.