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The garrison soldier glared at him mercilessly and closed his knife. "Which one of you will take him to drink water and then drive into the longevity valley?"

-it’s done
Zong Jin bowed his head as if he were going to take him for a drink all his life. He hung his head and was afraid of civilians. But the root of his mouth can’t stop rising, and it will soon reach the root of his ear.
From the beginning, Zong Jin didn’t want to go into Minzhi City. It was just a blip.
He wants to come to this camp.
The soldiers around you can almost tell what most of the camps are doing from their state and the size of the camps behind them. He didn’t expect Le Zhengjun to have such a sense of crisis, and it was easier than he expected. It can also be said that no matter how the leader thinks about the pawn, he doesn’t know that the war is imminent.
He looked at everything along the way in the corner of his eye and grasped the situation as much as possible.
Soon the leader took him to the water vat and handed the gourd ladle to him. "Here, drink yourself and go!"
"Thank you, Jun Ye!"
Zong Jin was really thirsty. He really didn’t get a chance to drink water all the way. He scooped three scoops of water and gulped down the corners of his mouth. He didn’t slow down, just as the city gate suddenly burst into a horseshoe. Zong Jin unconsciously stood on tiptoe to look in, but he couldn’t see anything clearly because he was too far away.
"… not allowed to enter the city but can leave the city?" Zong Jin consciously asked, but he didn’t forget to keep his words just now. "If I write and ask my uncle to pick me up, can I come in?"
The pawn was also watching the city gate and sneered strangely. "You can’t count on it. Unless your legend lets you go, you are not allowed to go out or enter."
"Isn’t everyone out at the city gate now?"
"That’s our general!" The pawn said, "The general will go back to the city in three days. You are lucky. If you stay in the mouth for a while, your head will fall to the ground now."
Zong Jin thought for a moment and immediately said, "But that terrible general Lu?"
"General Lu, that’s General Le Zhenglin." Generally, the pawn didn’t have much chance to see what his immediate general was like. He lifted his head and looked very hard, but he didn’t notice Zongjin’s rhetoric at all. "It’s good to be a general. You can play with women if you want to go back to the city …"
"Playing with women?"
"It’s not playing with women. Maybe men and women don’t avoid it." The pawn realized that he had talked too much. "If you don’t finish drinking, get out of here and let the general know that you are really going to die!"
"Drink good drink good! Which way will you take me? "
Everything went so well that Zongjin couldn’t wait to laugh a few times, but he couldn’t. He couldn’t let his opponent know that he had been touched by himself.
He followed the instructions of the pawn and soon left the camp of Le Zhengjun. He quietly entered the camp of Changsheng Valley. Le Zhengjun was stationed here with more than 10,000 people. He was skeptical about sending news to them, but he was somewhat worried about the trend of He Lianheng. This is a good thing. This uncertainty can kill people’s minds. Although he doesn’t know what role Le Zhenglin is, He Lianheng always knows-a man is still a know-it-all in his eyes.
Zong Jin deepened his impression by repeatedly recalling what he saw in the camp; While walking along Huangshi Road, which is covered with Changsheng Valley, I quickly rushed to the place where he and Jingzhao separated.
Suddenly, a black shadow fell from the sky-he didn’t exaggerate at all, but someone jumped from his head and landed in front of him.
Zong Jin reacted very quickly and was surprised, but he hurried back in an instant; At the same time, he bent down to touch his boots and immediately pulled out his dagger, but the other side cut his side neck with a hand knife faster than him.
He didn’t dodge, and he didn’t see the faces of the people clearly, so his eyes closed and he passed out.
Chapter 16 beauty in the army (in)
A bowl of minced meat soup has a warm feeling in the stomach, and Zongjin is relieved all over.
The night wind blows chilly, and the place of their conversation has also been changed from the outside to the open air. In the handsome account, there is a square short pit with a fire surface. The hanging pot is now cooking a simple but tasteless minced meat potherb soup. The meat is caught in the nearby wild chicken dish, and the shepherd’s purse is dug nearby. Zong Jin has filled the fourth bowl without stopping for three times in a row, and his face is finally better.
"The total joy is there should be close to us." Zong Jin finally spoke and said, looking up and sweeping in the handsome account or sitting in a few people
He Lianheng is still that indifferent look near the map of Zongban, while his younger brother is sitting on a corner stake with his legs cocked up. His face is unhappy, as if he is very unhappy with He Lianheng’s Zongjin. The remaining three people are sitting near Zongjin, and they are also on fire. One is eating meat, and the other is silent. Plus, they are immersed in soup and Jingzhao.
Since there is a ghost around Helianheng, he should speak these words with Helianheng alone to ensure that they will not be leaked.
It’s against Zong Jinfeng to act in secret-there are other ways to keep the news secret.
Zong Jin cleared his throat and went on to say, "And Le Zhengjun’s fighting spirit is not high, and even the defenders don’t care much about the war;" It can be seen that the news that Le Zheng’s family got is not detailed enough, and it is likely that there will be a day left to know nothing. "
"You are quick to say that we generals are here to accompany you to have soup with a pawn. Do you think it’s appropriate? !” Helianchan could not help but complain
Luo is a few words, but every time he speaks, he can hit the point. "He is a squire, not a pawn."
"… What’s the difference?" Lian Zen is even more popular. "Not all people!"
"Zen son shut up" He Lianheng interrupted his cousin’s words without salty or light "You go on to say yes"
ZongJinZi again wordy soup "longevity valley shoujiang called LeZhengLin I haven’t heard of, I don’t know if you have heard of; This man should be a womanizer. He will go back to Minzhi City every three days, and he will go to the Changshenggu garrison. About ten thousand people are very close to Minzhi City Gate. No traffic is allowed outside the city, but Lezhenglin is free to enter and leave. "
Say that finish the fourth bowl of soup also belly.
Beitangli reached out to pick up his bowl without saying a word, but Zongjin bypassed his hand and put the pottery bowl directly on the ground. Beitangli changed hands and handed over the oiled paper bag. This time Zongjin didn’t take it off again, so he bit a piece of spicy beef and chewed it a few times before swallowing. "This is much more delicious than the preserved meat you bought last time. Is it a fragrant craft? Have this craft you still buy that what … "
As soon as Bian Jingzhao heard the word "Xiang", he couldn’t help but look longingly at beef jerky.
Here speak idle, even the brothers over there are silent, holding ZongJin just said to think it over and hesitated, "I remember LeZhengLin … seems to be LeZhengGu"
"Let the family guard and not let Lu Fei … intriguing" Beitang column connected the words.
Zong Jin stuffed beef jerky into Jing Zhao’s hand and looked at the map of Zongban beside He Lianheng, which regarded all other people’s words as "since the famous general Lu was not sent to guard the fortress but changed his family in Changsheng Valley, I think there are two possibilities."
He Lianheng raised eyebrows and looked at him. I don’t know how it seemed to float and landed on the small supposed lips.
There is still some red oil, which is reflected by the fire and looks full and soft. "Go on."
"A happy family does not believe that Lu Feicai sent a family to seek a husband to be ten thousand cannot force it; Erchangsheng Valley, they are willing to give up guarding the main battlefield and stay in Zongban. Please enter the urn. Lu Fei is waiting inside, and we will know whether Le Zhenglin is a mediocrity or a talent. "
When the young man spoke, his bright red mouth opened to reveal the neat teeth that were dormant in his tongue.
He Lianheng finally looked away and continued to look back at the hanging map.
Zong Jin, when he was listening, no matter whether he looked at it or not, simply pulled out the Wujin dagger from his boots. The Wujin dagger was shiny and heavy, and the golden light of the dark black blade intersected with a fierce murder, but it was unique and beautiful with weapons. Everyone except He Hengheng looked at him and saw the dagger cut out in the ground. Zong Jin said, "There are barracks on both sides of the gate leading to Min Zhicheng, and the camp is built on both sides of the wall." Here, here, here, here, around the lookout, Gong Bing is on duty in groups of five; I’m afraid it won’t be arranged in the bare longevity valley if I don’t see the wolf riding but the wolf riding is suitable for jungle warfare. "
He carefully recalled the pictures he had seen during the day, and now they seem to be engraved in his mind, and he has never forgotten a single point.
"I didn’t see so many handsome accounts."
Zong Jin said, "I’m afraid we can’t get through the pass of a thousand pairs of longevity valleys."
"Indeed," Beitang column went on to say, "Even if we make a strong dash, we will suffer heavy losses. It is really easy to defend but difficult to attack this position after crossing the Changsheng Valley."
Hearing the two words, Lian Chan couldn’t sit still. He ran over and leaned down to see the schematic diagram of Zong Jin’s painting. "… it’s possible to rush from the canyon, but the trench can’t get in."